There is a point in everyone's life where they come to a cross roads. They look at the choice in their life and they see things that will benefit them or not, a choice that can hurt someone or help them, a choice that will be easy or hard, a choice that will cause great success or unknown and possible failure. Our lives are full of choices. These choices we make in our lives determine a lot of where our hearts sit and what we believe to be true.

I had been over a year since I have last blogged on this site. I have taken a long writing sabbatical because my life was not where I wanted it to be. I didn't feel I had the right to blog about youth ministry and things of the youth ministry world when my views on things always had a negative, non-encouraging mood. I was sad about the direction of youth ministry, but more, I was sad about where my ministry was and I was projecting it on the screen of all of youth ministry.

Over a year ago, I wrote a long, heated blog post smashing national companies who have driven the truck for youth ministry for so long. I said that they were steering us away from where it should be and that small people like me had no voice. So I stood on my soap box and caused a field day of people contacting me and trying to tell me how wrong I was. Upon further inspection of myself, I was just yelling into a mirror filled auditorium. I was yelling to the masses about my life and my ministry.

Since that time, I blogged less and less. I came to many crossroads that brought me to where I am today. Some of the choices I made were good and some were not, but it has led me to a point where I feel complete surrender and guidance with Christ.

I needed a fresh start. And then I needed it again...and again. No matter which way I looked at it, I saw it as I had the answers and my vast knowledge of life and wisdom through experience was my guiding light. My life is now fresh because I have been REfreshed through Jesus.

When we come to these cross roads in life, we will make a choice. My sight is now at the point where I know I don't know everything, but I need to be confident in the abilities that God gave me, because that is what makes me worship and honor Christ through my life! I am confident that I am a good youth minister who can relate to students. I am good at communicating the message. The point that I was missing was I was so busy pouring into the demands of job, family and the world that I lost the day to day connection I had with Christ. My faith never wavered, but my spiritual life suffered.

God recently put me in a place for me to learn that courage. He showed me a place that I don't need and won't thrive in, to a place where I fit in perfectly and will thrive in. God made me fresh! I used to have a negative view on things because I wanted to bring things down to my level and make them less real and less popular. I wanted to be the bus driver who was treading the path. My choice now is to honor God in those who have been before me, lift up those in the past, try to be innovative and creative in my ministry for Christ and for the youth of the church I serve, and work for nothing else but to serve as the spiritual head of my family, love my wife with all my heart, raise my sons in a home that loves Jesus and loves to serve Jesus, and be a youth minister to students who are craving that individual relationship with Christ at a pivotal role in their life.

Choose Jesus. Choose the freshness that He brings to life, to love, to family and to friends.  Jesus makes YOU fresh and it ALL begins to MESH!

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