view from "the mothership"...

A blog is a great way to vent, say what you want about any subject in the world, and have ALMOST no backlash (except in the comment section). I have been exposed to many things in my life. I have said A LOT of stupid things and done even DUMBER things! My problem is I let my heart speak before my thoughts can filter things out. I often don't think about the backlash of actions or words. I let the damage go and then see what happens.

The human mind and heart are funny things to think about. Outside of the battle between good and evil we Christians face every day, these two can often be at ends with each other. About a year ago, I wrote a block that was cause for shock and to bring attention to myself and a view I felt "passionate" about. I tried to call out some very large youth ministry leaders and even "the mothership" Youth Specialties. Thinking back on this, I could have never been MORE wrong about my approach to talking things out.

In youth ministry, age and wisdom can mean the difference between middle school and high school. Experience garners wisdom and wisdom helps you make the not so stupid decisions of life and ministry. Sometimes we can have a certain passion about an issue we see or ideas we have, and cram it down peoples throats. Sadly, this is how we do youth ministry too.

I am not going to write a shock blog where I refer to people as vader and YS at the darkside of ministry. What I am alluding to is that youth ministry is filled with much passion, a lot of inexperience, and multiple choices that drive and effect the youth ministry for days, months, or years ahead.

Often our own thoughts can be interpreted as the thoughts of God. We read our daily devo app, we cracked our Bible open for one or three verses, prayed a second and then go on to sin and lead youth groups the best way we see fit.

Youth ministry has become more about the youth pastor. Is he/she great? Do the LOVE youth? What awesome games do they have planned? What events can they make the most people come to? I feel, we have lost our integrity with Jesus.

I have slapped the name of Jesus' approval on MANY decisions in youth ministry. Doesn't mean it was. I want to encourage us to put down or smart phones, pull up our REAL bibles, and pray for hours on end about decisions and choices we make that not only effect us, our families, but the youth ministry you serve as well!

Instead of entertainment culture to focus students to coming to church, focus on the grace that Jesus offers. Bring students to know Christ through apologetics, greek, or even topical discussions that dive deep. No church wants an inch wide and a mile deep group, or a mile wide and an inch deep group. Youth ministry is meant to effectively serve youth and teach them to love Jesus in such a real way that it, in return, points them and others BACK to Jesus.....not your church or group.

Get rid of the "entertainment culture" where each event has to be greater than the next. Your budget or you can NOT handle that job. Also, though it is great to see what is going on in youth ministers who are "well known", try focusing on the group that God has entrusted you with. I used to want to be noticed, but I drew negative attention to myself because of my "views and passions". I took that focus off of God and moved it to me. NEVER do I want that to happen. That means that students hold up YOU over Jesus at times.

Lord, remove ME from  MYSELF and let you FULLY reign in me to do the ministry YOU need ME to do for the students YOU HAVE GIVEN ME!


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