how to make old ladies in the church hate you...

Youth ministers are normally viewed as people who live in the basement, play video games all day, and sleep whenever they want (thus the reasons we have couches in our offices). People view the youth in the church as the church of tomorrow because today, there is not much significance to them being an overall part of the church. When I write this, I see this disjointed view of youth ministry and the church as a whole.

In today's churches, we are trying to effectively reach the communities where we are by becoming YMCA's with a cross. However, we don't want to offend some folks so we choose to move forward with the norm of life, while offering outside courses to be located in a church, thus bringing people in. Youth ministry is the same thing! Big events to draw the crowds only to come to find the side show circus act that was promised is more or less the traveling fair with broken rides.

I am writing very metaphorically right now. I want to see how youth ministry can change. I've done before, I've claimed lessons to be my own that aren't. I download from simply youth, youth specialties, and many other websites and say to the church (on my chair so everyone can hear me) HEY! LOOK HOW CREATIVE I AM! LOOK! I AM AWESOME! YOUTH LOVE ME! YOU SHOULD TOO!

I don't know about you, but I am tired of having the spot light on me. If everything is on my shoulders, life would have ended a long time ago. Let me explain my random thought process here.

  • To often we are trying to scoot by with doing nothing. With the internet and all these youth ministry sites, things are easily there for the taking. QUIT BEING A WUSS!
  • We enjoy taking time to play video games, napping, and going out to eat with students whenever we want. Disregarding the rules of the church or laws. STOP BEING AN @$$!
 Youth ministry is NOT about being BUDDIES and then speaking about God OCCASIONALLY! Youth ministry is about showing, revealing, and living out the Living God to all those around you (adults to babies)!

I have slacked off too much in my career. I am guilty! But things recently have changed my perspective.  I am leaving a group I absolutely love (in the next 6 weeks) to go onto another church. I am leaving my comfortable chair, my warm huge office, a staff that isn't in my business all the time; to a church that I know not a lot about. I am scared. I have questioned my choices from time to time. I look at this moment and know God is telling me simply to Go. I am not the face of youth ministry. There are 14,000 blogs per 1 youth minister in a church position! I am NO ONE special. But I am carrying out the WORK OF GOD! THAT IS SPECIAL!

Youth ministers, I want you to TURN OFF the xbox! Dress like you are actually an adult in an adult environment. Be a part of the church, and actually minister to students and not be their buddy all the time. I am tired of calling out youth ministers and challenging to change the course and direction of youth ministry. I am tired of being the one catalyst where I called Mark Matlock Vader and Youth Specialties the Mother Ship (which in retrospect should've been the Death Star but I am not that nerdy). I am ready to encourage others to be better in ministry. It is SO easy to be a talking head like this, but it is NOT easy to deal with the aftermath. How can I, one youth minister/volunteer/lover of students help and pray for you, another youth minister/volunteer/ lover of students to be better in ministry? How can we encourage each other with love and truth to shape youth ministry into the next 30 years? How can I be a better servant of God and serve you? Write some comments or prayer requests below. MUCH MORE TO COME in the coming days!


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