Last night, my youth groupstarted a archaic form of Bible Study last night that I want to pass along to all who read the blog. It is called "Storying". The goal is to learn the Oral Bible and share it with students, recalling the story and details in it. During this process, students are encouraged to dig deeper and find their place in the story of God, as opposed to trying to place God in their own story. Through the process, they begin to see how BIG God is, and how we fit into His greater plan and story for each of us. The reference, if you would like to try it, is from Michael Novelli's book "Shaped By The Story" and you can find each of these narratives at Each week I will post this as we study it, and also give insight as to how my students are learning and adapting to it. At first, it may feel like story time, but if you can get your students to really participate, it will become more vibrant for them and they begin to use their imaginations and really connect with each story. The first week is about Creation and the Biblical references for this narrative are: Genesis 1-2, Job 38:4-7, Psalm 8, Psalm 103:19-22, Isaiah 45:18, 2 Peter 2:5, and Jude 6.

This first Episode in God’s Story, called “Creation,” begins like this...
Before anything existed, there was an amazing and mysterious being called God. While God was creating the earth, angels watched with amazement, singing together and shouting for joy! God created these beautiful angels to worship him. But some of these angels rebelled against God and his ways – any rebellion against God is called sin. God doesn’t allow sin to remain in his presence, so he sent the rebellious angels into darkness on the earth,
to face final punishment later. (Pause)
Then God took the earth, which was dark and formless, and prepared it as a place for life.
God’s Spirit moved over the surface of the earth as...
He made light – separating it from the darkness... He divided the oceans and the sky... He gathered the waters, so dry land would appear... He grew plants, flowers, and trees... all with seeds in them so they could reproduce themselves... He created the sun, the moon and the stars... then set the days and seasons into motion...
He filled the seas with fish, the sky with birds, and the earth with all kinds of wild animals! God put great care and creativity into all of his creation. God looked at this and said, “This is really good!”
After he had prepared the earth, God decided he would create another being, one who was lower than the angels. God said, “We will make humans in our image, to be like us. We’ll put them in charge of the earth, the plants and all the animals that live on it.” So God took dirt from the earth and formed this first human. Then, God breathed his own breath into him, giving him life. This first human would be called Adam.
God placed Adam in a beautiful garden, where he provided everything he needed. In this garden, God planted all kinds of trees that produced delicious fruit so Adam would always have plenty to eat. God gave Adam the responsibility to take care of this garden and all of the creatures that lived there. God even brought all of the animals right to Adam so he could give them names!
In the middle of the garden were two special trees – a Tree of Life, and a tree that could give Knowledge of Good and Evil. God told Adam to enjoy fruit from any tree in the garden – except for one; God warned him, “If you eat fruit from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, you will definitely die.”    (Pause)
Then God said, “It is not good for man to be alone. I will make a partner who will help him.” So God caused Adam to fall into a deep sleep. While Adam was asleep, God removed one of his ribs and then closed up his side where it was taken from. God used Adam’s rib to form the first woman. When God brought her to Adam, Adam shouted, “At last!” Adam called his new companion Eve, which means “giver of life.”
So God created both the man and woman to be like him – created in God’s own image.
God blessed Adam and Eve with the ability to continue his creation by having children. God joined them in a close relationship as husband and wife, where they devoted themselves to each other. Although Adam and Eve were naked, they felt no shame.
And God would come and spend time with the humans, walking with them in the cool of the day. They lived under God’s care and protection – a life that was full and complete. As God looked over all of his creation he thought, “This is excellent in every way!” After creating all of this, God rested... and set aside a day of rest each week for all of his creation.


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