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It's been about a week since my big announcement on my blog. I am super excited about what God has placed in my life right now and I can't say it won't come without stress, hard work, and determination. I am ready for some new adventures.

This summer has been a crazy busy one with me youth group. We have gone on three trips, outings and everything else in between. There really has been much of a down moment. This past week, however, might highlight my summer. We went to St. Augustine Beach, Florida to a retreat put on by Ignition Retreats. There were three total churches there and  86 total people. It was small and intimate, but God was definitely on the move.

You see, God has placed on my heart that this group that I am currently leading is ready for service. We have done a lot of service and mission projects already, however, we are ready to go global! That being said, I took 12 students on this retreat. Sure there was the share of drama and luckily no one got injured other than being burnt to extra crispy by our dear friend the Sun, but we really had some great fellowship and some amazing worship time.

During the trip, we also offered work shops. This was a place where students could go and talk with one of the leaders about certain subjects. I decided to take on struggling Christians. I felt, that since I have had my share of struggles lately that I would talk and help some of these students. Little did I know, one of my own students would later accept Christ.

For me, and according to the Bible, one student who has had a very troubled past finally asked for help for the first time in his life and asked Christ to forgive him of his sins and to come into his heart and be Lord of his life. To me, this is the most successful story of the trip. There may have been other students who did not say they became a believer or not, but I know that Heaven rejoiced over this one.

It has been a while since I have done something that exhilarating. When I finally sat down and talked with this student, he was crying and I was too! This really got my juices of evangelism flowing. I am ready for the fall. One to start getting back into a normal schedule again. Two: to start preparing these students for preaching and teaching the Gospel to ANYONE! And last but not least I am ready to see what God has in store for my group this fall.

What things are you preparing for your ministry this fall? Or do you plan on making any changes to the youth programming? Tell me your thoughts!


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