jumping the gun...

I remember when I was little. We had field day at our school. We did it a lot like the Olympics (on a much cheaper and smaller scale of course). Each class at the school represented a different country or nation. The first one that I can remember, my class was supposed to be Barcelona. We wore purple shirts and they had the Olympic rings on them with our schools name. I was so proud to wear this shirt and participate in field day.

When I found out we would be doing field day, I begged my mom for some new shoes so that I could run faster in the relay race. So we went and got new shoes. I felt like a million bucks and the fastest runner in my class. In our daily P.E. classes, we would have races and I would always think I would win. The night before our field day, I couldn't sleep because I was so excited!

Field day was finally here. I was participating in the tug of war, baton relay and potato sack race. I was SO READY! It came time for our tug of war, my class lost. Potato sack race....win! Finally, the relay race. It came time for me to START THE RACE. I had my new shoes on. I was convinced I could run faster. Right before the said go, I started running! I was winning. Everyone was screaming my name! I was so excited! I handed the baton off to the next runner and I was cheering and clapping! I thought I was helping our team win! Yet, when I finally turned around, everyone else was still standing at the starting line and my teacher was coming after me. She took me aside and said I was disqualified because I couldn't follow the directions.

I was thinking about this story this morning. Not because I got new shoes and not because I am really excited about one certain event, I was thinking about it this morning because I wonder in my own life and in the lives of other youth pastors, are we really following directions?

Youth ministry is not just a color by number type of job. We are called to follow many directions i.e. rules of the church, rules of the senior pastor, job description, and of course the most important direction is our divine rules.

We should get encouragement from our daily devotion time and prayer time with God. Also, we should be listening to the voice of God and waiting for His divine instructions for us. I will be honest, I want to jump the gun. I want to do so many things that I think WILL WORK! Yet, if I sit back and look at what I want to do and where I feel Christ wants me to take this group, my vision does not always line up. I am at a point where I have to have patience. I have to not only talk to God, but listen for Him to talk back to me.

If you are a youth minister, what are some ways that you may have jumped the gun and it didn't work? What are some things you are excited about that are going on in your ministry?
Share and leave comments below! Let's be encouraging to one another to not only listen to others advice, but sit back and listen to the still quiet, but loud and powerful voice of God. What are some techniques you use or do that you can share to help encourage others to listen to Christ?


Pastor Charlie said...

A few years ago, when I was leading our youth with no since of direction, I started a ministry that quickly became sour. I started the ministry without seeking God, without "listening" to the youth, and with more of a personal touch than a Godly touch. The ministry lasted a month at the most. It took me awhile to figure out what went wrong. I got selfish. Now, with God's help, our youth group is thriving because it is God lead. I didn't "jump the gun" this time.

G. HUBBARD said...

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