whats the big deal...

So many times in youth ministry, I and many other youth pastors have used the phrase "What's the big deal?" Youth ministry is the fun ministry in the church. We get to hang around students all the time that look up to us, they are down for pretty much anything, and we can always laugh and joke with them. I am wondering this morning, though, what's the big deal?

Looking back in my few years in the ministry I can't even imagine how may times I have said this. It can be in relation to almost ANYTHING! This blog post is to help those, who need to find a barrier between ministry, spiritual life, and normal life.

Sometimes as youth ministers, we can get so involved in the lives of our students, that our students become our friends. They are the ones we lean on for guidance and questions that we may have about things, in hopes that they do the same for us. Do not get me wrong, relational ministry is a timeless practice in the church that is proven, but we need to draw a line. When I was single and in youth ministry, I would make all the time in the world for students. I would often just go somewhere at the drop of a hat and hang out with them. This is good ministry, but there is also a very flawed portion of this thinking. When are you going to worry about yourself?

So many times we can look into the life of a youth minister and see a longing for being with the students. To just be around them, because this is where we thrive the most! Yet, for those that are married or about to be, or for those who have children and are already married, when do you make time for them? On top of that, when do we make time for God?

We can't mistake that developing lessons is our time with God. NOT EVEN CLOSE! Time with God is a sacred and spiritual moment in time. We need to find a time where we can pray and read book, journal, read scripture or just sit and listen to music. However you find a closeness and oneness with God, outside hanging with students, then do it!

We just came off the Lenten season and Easter, yesterday. We celebrated the resurrection of Jesus. I was on facebook yesterday afternoon and twitter at the same time. From the morning to that time in the afternoon, I counted 154 facebook posts about Jesus NOT being in the cave. Twitter, I counted 1,233 tweets about Jesus being risen and it being Easter. That is a lot. But I want us to think a little outside the box. Try not to make Easter a once a year tradition. The Jesus we went to pay our respects to yesterday was NOT there but HE IS ALWAYS THERE. The resurrection was not something God meant for us to celebrate once, it was supposed to be an explosion of love that changes the world. Yet, we box it in.

Try to celebrate the resurrection EVERYDAY! See what happens!


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