children's coke chug challenge...


We played this game during our MYF program Sunday night. It is an easy game, and always fun that gets the crowd excited.


3 Baby Bottles
Baby Bibs
A table to place everything on

The Game
Get three students to come up to the front. Tell them this is NOT a gross or messy game. Tell them to sit in chairs at the table. Before you place the bottles in front of the students, place the baby bibs around their necks. (Try to find ones with funny sayings on them). After that they must put their hands behind their backs.
Place the bottles in front of them. They must chug the coke through the baby bottle.

Depending on time, you can make them chug for a minute to see who wins or until they are finished.

For prizes, we gave each participant something that related to babies. For third place, we gave little booties. For second place, we gave some baby food. for first place we gave them a baby easter basket (because of this time of year).

Make it your own and make it fun! It is a great way for students to cheer, laugh and be made fun of for a good upfront game!

Hope this encourages you in your ministry!


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