bath time...

Lately, I have been praying that God reveal some great things to me. It doesn't matter what it is, but it has to be something so astounding it will consume my thoughts. Oddly enough, I prayed this while I was taking a shower, it was raining outside, my dog spilled his water bowl on the floor that you see a theme here?

God has really placed on my heart about baptism. Lately, I have been just thinking about my own baptism. I have been "technically" baptized twice. Once as a confirmand in the Methodist church, before I really knew or understood what I was doing. The second was when I was 18. I had JUST become a new believer, and I felt I needed to be dunked! So, my girlfriend at the time took me to her Baptist church and down I went! What a rush! I came out of the warm water and people were clapping and cheering for me. It was a nice feeling.

Now I am looking back and I can see the importance of baptism. Not only that, I have also seen the huge struggle for youth pastors and students in baptism. It is also more difficult because we see students go off to college and FALL OFF THE RADAR OF CHURCH within the first few months!

Baptism is special. Baptism is a showing of your faith to other believers and to also be in a fellowship with Christ. For so long, I have strived for students to be in a relationship with Christ. I don't talk that way. We are called to be in a fellowship with Christ. We show a step of our faith by being baptized.

All this was fired up because of a video I saw where a woman was a non believer and took the step to be baptized. What a feeling! I had my feelings come right back to me.

How many youth pastors out there are really struggling or succeeding in baptism in their own student ministries? I am curious! Leave a comment below and let's start some chatter!


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