Nativity Dance...

It has been a month since I have posted the last blog post. Since then, a lot has gone on and things have been going great in my life. However, I am not here to write about what is going on with me. Right now, I want to share something that I feel is just amazing.
We just passed through the Christmas season and we, as youth pastors, have read about the nativity story to our students. We usually try to make our version really cool and try to put a different spin on things, to make the students really think about Jesus stepping down from Heaven to join man.
However, a friend of mine, Eric Hendrickson ( did something above and beyond to make the nativity story stand out. Most of us who don't live under a rock and watch youtube from time to time, have seen the video of the wedding entrance where everyone is dancing to "Tonight" by Chris Brown. It is a really funny video. However, Eric took it to the next level with his students. He put together something called, "The Nativity Dance". It was inspired by Lars Rood ( Take a look at this video and see how youth ministry SHOULD be done...


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