a comedy of errors...

I find a lot of things funny. I have a pretty easy sense of humor. I laugh at simple jokes, I watch funny tv shows, funny movies, and even listen to comedians from time to time. I like to laugh. Today, when I look at certain church leaders, I like to laugh.

It's almost comical how churches treat those inside the church. People go through rough patches in life, but it is REALLY sad. When leaders of the church are bashing those around them, they are also bashing those who also work in churches or sit in their pews. It is a power play. They have the power from the pulpit to condemn all of their congregation and workers to do what they "philosophically" believe is right.

I have seen some pastors even near me right now use their power to degrade and disrupt what God has ultimately planned. And why you may ask? Well, it seems to me that they like to hear their own voice enough and if they can hear their voice in other areas outside their church, well they bring a traveling soap box with them.

Church leadership has changed. Since the economic downturn, churches have had a lot hard times. Fiscally, churches are probably the last places to be hurt. It starts in the retirement funds, the business' hurt, then churches. Due to this, churches don't prepare themselves ahead of time. I am not bashing all churches here. There are great churches out there with incredible leadership. However, when times are tough, turf wars start, and the leadership of the church watches out for numero uno in their eyes: themselves.

It's also funny to see how pastors who preach love, grace, peace and forgiveness in the pulpit do JUST the opposite of that. I am just an observer from the outside looking in. I will be working for a church soon and they have the attitude that should be in most churches. A team atmosphere that is still seeking to align all the ministries with the vision of the church. Everyone is supporting each other and comes to the care of those in need, NOT themselves.

What has happened is completely backwards of what Paul was doing in Acts. In the Bible, it says, "they added to their number daily." yet we are sitting on our hands and trying not to be bold for Christ. We will be bold in front of everyone, either from the pulpit or from the pew. We will do this when we get noticed.

You may ask why I am criticizing the church? I am just as guilty as the next. I have judged people from my position. I have said at one time, "I am better than them." Yet, I have been humbled and God has really shown me the direction to take my ministry to students, to my family, and to ALL of those I encounter. I am not perfect, nor do I claim to be.

All I can say to pastors out there is to really take a look at your own walk. Are you watching out simply for what you believe and then preaching your filth to the congregation on Sunday's for a show? Are you on your soap box claiming one thing and doing another? Slight of hand is cool for magicians and on TV; not for the behavior of the person who helps lead the spiritual lives for hundreds to thousands of people. Pastors know who they are. They know who they want people to believe they are. God knows their heart.

I know my heart. My heart has been damaged many times by my many short comings, failings and sins against God. I have been redeemed and changed from these past ways. Instead of us calling each other out, let us take the challenge set before us and lead people to Christ in any way we can. The way I know how? I lead people by developing dynamic relationships with them, living with them THROUGH THICK AND THIN, praying for them, and trying to really show them God in the situations of their lives (both good and bad). Again, I am not perfect nor will I ever be until I meet Christ face to face.

Are we going to answer the calling we were given? Are we going to REALLY answer the call or let it go to voice mail and get to it later? Quit preaching and teaching filth and blasphemy and start living a life worthy of your calling and your relationship with Christ. I try daily. I fail and succeed daily. Step up or step out of the pulpit. Step off the soap box and let's try to really start this revolution. Instead of listening to your own voice; via pulpit, podcast, tv broadcast, blog, video blog or your own notes, let's listen for the stillness of God. For it is there that we hear His thunderous voice.

I am going to take my travel size soapbox and walk away, but I know I am walking and living for a Christ that loves me and DEMANDS me to love others regardless. Am I showing it all the time? No. Do I try to? Yes. Where are you aligning yourself? With yourself or with Christ?

Isn't it funny that when we are listening to God, we can really start leading on the right foot? Funny...


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