circling the bandwagon...

Here are some obvious facts about my life:
1. I love sports. Mostly football, but if there is a sport on that I am even remotely interested in, it's on my TV screen or even my phone checking the score.
2. I can be a fair-weather fan. I cheer when teams do well and I don't when they lose.
3. I used to be a bandwagon fan, before I really understood a lot more about players and coaches and what it takes to put a team together. Also, what it takes to be a pro athlete.

When I encompass my passion for sports, it seems to make the other passions of my life seem very minuscule. I can tell you a lot about the stats of players, the condition of injuries for players on my favorite teams, even HISTORY about my favorite sports teams. However, I don't know if I can honestly say these things about my spiritual life.

It's funny to me, to look at my life and I can give you a quick ESPN update of my life in about 3 minutes but I have to make way for the more passionate things that I care about during this season of my life. It just so happens that this season of my life coincides with football season. Funny how that happens.

Why do we get so passionate about the things we love and hate at the same time? Last night is a prime example. Many of my friends are UGA football fans. Now that their team is losing, it is time to fire everyone in the front office and start over. The bandwagon has left the building.
Alabama, Boise State, Ohio State. These are teams people love when they win, however won't even wear a hat and t-shirt that supports them when they are losing.

Why are we so passionate about football? Why can't we be as passionate about God in our lives and how real He is today? I know why, everyone has jumped off the bandwagon of the spiritual lifestyle.

People today, I am as guilty as the next, jump from book to book and mega-church pastor blog to mega-church pastor believing in the gospel of the pastor or author. However, I can tell you my fan base is the author of life. How rude can I be to shove God out of my life for 4 quarters while I scream cheers for my team and hate for the other. What has the UGA football team ever done to me, an Auburn fan? They beat my team a couple of times? Ouch.

It is my simple observation, that I have A LOT of reorganizing to go on in my life. People are constantly jumping from one bandwagon to another until that ride is over. Then they find another one to jump onto, because it is the popular choice. People jump off the Jesus bandwagon when life sucks, but if it is good we give all the praise. Didn't Ludacris thank God for the Grammy he won?

I went through a HUGE rough spot in my life recently. It has been the worst year of my life. That is because I was jumping on my own bandwagon and trying to get others to join me. The problem, there were no horses leading it. I was pulling my own bandwagon and had FEW if ANY followers. Then, after pulling all that weight, I questioned where God was! I screamed and yelled at Him, telling Him He is the worst thing.

I do the same to UGA football, Alabama football, and anyone who opposes my team; which in my eyes is the GREATEST FOOTBALL TEAM EVER ASSEMBLED! (Yeah right!) I am now circling my bandwagon and making camp. I am setting up for the long haul because during the cold winters of my life and the nice cool summers days of my life, Jesus will still be there and will still be on the throne. That is something I can cheer for.

MY challenge to myself and those that read this blog is to try to change the seasons of your life right now. Don't make them in sync with sport seasons, try to find the rhythm and the heart beat of God. Make camp and jump on the bandwagon that is the most consistent bandwagon ever assembled. Today I choose God.


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