the crazies...

Last night, while watching the tail end of the Super Bowl, I saw a commercial for a movie coming out called "The Crazies". I thought to myself, "Wow. Has coming up with a title become that lazy?" Then another commercial came on and I kind of forgot about it. Yet, for some reason, that is the only commercial that sticks out in my head today. Also, the more I look at this title and resonate on it, I can see that the title "The Crazies" has infested our local church and the minds of many great Christians in sitting in the pews and chairs of the church today. Here is what I mean.

It is more often than none we, as Christians, prefer to visit God on Sunday's rather than having God invade our lives. How true is this statement? I find it amazing as a youth pastor that we have become so bleak to our mundane programs and our big events to cash in on the large numbers that we have forgotten the reason we are here in the first place. The reason I am here it to develop relationships that span more than just a student giving their life to Christ. I am here to live in the highs and lows of my students lives and to live their true fears and understand their hurt and be there with them during this hurt.

I forgot for a while to really let God invade my life. I was worried about low numbers, why I am not reaching students, this that or the other. I lost my focus on the why's of life and not the how. How I can I let God in my life more? How can God REALLY use me?

"Fishers of men is who Jesus said He would make us to be. (Matthew 4:18) If we are going to follow Jesus then our hearts must beat for the lost." If are hearts are not in the right place, we can never let God use us to our fullest potential. Readers, I pray that we can have a heart that does beat for the lost. If we are stuck on our visitation days with Jesus, when are we EVER going to let Jesus in?

We (the church) have a HUGE responsibility – we are here because we are personally responsible for the evangelization of the entire world before the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ. IF Jesus is really INVADING your life, then where is the evangelism? It is hard to find it sometimes because we are too timid and scared of those around us. Most everybody fears rejection, yet Jesus was rejected by the world, and even those who followed Him the closest, to open up the flood gates of what can revolutionize your eternity. We must step out in our faith and REALLY LET JESUS USE US! The church can not sit on the hymns of the 1800's and in the chairs of the contemporary services, we must step out and step up!

You want to know what I truly believe right now? I believe that there is a rising generation in the church that is more mission minded, more evangelical than ever before. I believe that the church is about to CHECK MATE the devil! The problem is that people are trying to protect themselves and those around them from what the world really is. I am not saying that everyone needs to grow up right away. What I am saying is that this generation that wants to help grow the church, we need to fuel the fire and the passion that Christ has given them! This morning this thought hit me, “HE SAVED ME!!!” And seriously…I could not get past it! I was blind but now I see, I was lost but now I am found, I was dead and now I am alive…ALL BECAUSE OF HIM!!! I’ve NEVER gotten past the cross…and am BLOWN AWAY because HIS GRACE REALLY IS FREAKING AMAZING!!!


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