For years now, those of you whom have had the pleasure of knowing me that long, I have been in a constant war with Charter Communications. The first time, it was just with their service. Then their customer service. Then their internet service. Then their billing. Charter Communications should take out the communications part of their name because there has never been any form of communication in there existence. However, today February 2, 2010; I am waving the white flag. It is battle that I can never win, and though I am sure I can rally the masses, it still will not work. So today, I surrender my battle with Charter Communications. *Sigh*

However, it is a bittersweet ending to a LONG battle. So today as I write this blog post, I figure, even though I have given up my battle with Charter Communications, now it is time to pick up a new battle. I am ready for the fight, and I am ready to rally the masses. I will tell you my new battle towards the end of this blog post.

When I was a little kid, I was fascinated with castles and knights and all that good stuff! In fact, my lego collection was nothing more than all of the castles that the lego company made. I loved to imagine myself as a knight of the round table. In fact, it got SO bad that I would go outside and pretend to fight the air. My battle armor you ask? Well I would grab the lid of the tin trash can, my mom's garden gloves and tiny shovel (as my sword), some rain boots, a heavy coat for my armor, and a hat as my head protection or my Helm for those of you who are castle buffs.

As I put on my armor, I would pretend to be a knight at King Arthur's round table. I would look the part to the best of my ability and I would defend the king no matter what. I was going to die before he did! I would go in the back yard and pretend to be waiting for the enemy, who was coming from another rival kingdom. I would hide behind the tree and wait for my opportunity to pounce on them and catch them by surprise. Now picture this in your head if you can, a skinny little boy (yes I was skinny at one point) waiting behind a tree with a trash can lid, garden shovel, gardening gloves, a hat, a coat and rain boot. Ready for action. Ready for the proverbial battle of epic proportions. Can you picture it yet?

As soon as I heard the trod of the horses from the enemy kingdom, I pounced like a lion on it's prey! I jumped from the branch onto the ground. I would block one spear with my shield and stab the air as I pretended to kill another guard. It was a long battle, but alas I cam out victorious. I grabbed their king as prisoner and I took him back to the castle (my tree fort) and he awaited his sure death.

I had a pretty vivid imagination as a child. I loved to read about castles and just picture myself in such amazing buildings and surroundings. I loved to build the lego's as well, so I could put my imagination to real building. It was great!

Since then, my love for castles has died down some. I have fought real battles, well maybe real in my head (i.e. Charter Communications) and I have also fought real battles i.e. Sin. Yet, when I look back at my life before Christ and after Christ, the battles I have fought have become harder and longer. Some of them test me to my limits and others have been short and quick. Sin is the battle I will continue to fight. Just as I was when I was a kid, defending the king and I would rather die than let Him die; I feel it is the same premise here. I am defending my God against the battles that Satan puts before us. I fail in battle sometimes, yet I know with God's help, I will always win in the end.

My mentor Geoff Grubbs said it best in his facebook status update (and no I am not THAT bad of a stalker)

You cannot let God down, you are not holding Him up! He is holding you up, so you may let yourself and others down, but God loves you regardless, He promises!

Now, you may have been wondering about my new battle I am about wage upon. I know you are sweating bullets, on the edge of your seat, hair on the back of your neck (or back in Alex Stroud's case) is standing up. Well my new war is with..........................................................................................

104.7 the fish! This radio station claims to be a Christian radio station, and in fact they play the most current Christian pop as well. That is fantastic! Yet my problem with them is not the radio station as a whole, it is their slogan. "104.7 The Fish, Safe for the WHOLE FAMILY" WHAT!?!?! So if I am being mugged on the street, 104.7 comes to my rescue? Or if I walk into my house and see that my house has been robbed, all I have to do is call into 104.7 and they make it better? What kind of slogan is "safe and fun for the whole family"? They are not a warm blanket I can wrap myself in to make me feel better. In fact, a lot of songs they play are such pop Christian tunes that I generally switch to J 93.3 For those of you who don't know, 104.7 is a local radio station in Atlanta.

People, friends, random readers; Let's stand up for God and try to get 104.7 to change their slogan! Maybe if I rally enough people......maybe....


Umatter2Charter said...

Hello Mark,

My name is Eric Ketzer, and I am a Manager with Charter Communications. I do not think I can help you with your current crusade, but I would be more than willing to resolve any billing and or service issues you are having with Charter. Please send an e-mail to with a summary of the issues, as well as the name, address, and phone number on your account.

I look forward to getting these concerns addressed for you.

Sincerely, Eric

Eric Ketzer
Social Media Communications Manager
Charter Communications

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