put a lid on it...I am

I have had a really good day today. Let me tell you why today has been so good. Are you ready? I will wait for the hair on the back of your neck to settle, or if you are Geoff Grubbs the hair on your back because you have no hair on your head at all. Today, I have prayed for as many people as I can think of. I have been working hard on trying to get my life back to where I need to be.
As Mark Batterson and the Celtic Christians put it, I am chasing the wild goose of the Holy Spirit. Though I may never catch the wild goose, I know that it will take me places that I wouldn't think to go.
I started off today in a good mood because I just felt better about life. I had a positive look on today before the sun was up. I spent time and I went to my office in my apartment, I sat down in the ground and I prayed to God. I prayed for my day, for those closest to me, I prayed for my youth, for my fiance' and her kids at school, for my pastor, friends, family, my church, those churches whom I know the pastor at. I spent a very long time praying and it was very refreshing. The problem is, sometimes I don't think I know what I am praying for.
How often do we feel stuck praying for something? Those of you who read this blog and are in the ministry, we are too often stuck with praying for meals at family functions because we must be closer to God than everyone else. Do not get me wrong readers, I love to pray and do not have a problem at all doing it. But how often do we really understand what we are praying for or about?
I prayed, not too long ago, that I want to be so filled with the Holy Spirit that I can't contain it. I prayed that it would just be contagious to those around me and that a fire for God just start at this church. I basically told God, you know what Bring it on. I am ready. Well, I didn't know what I was in for. I challenged God and He has more than answered my prayer. However, I have not handled it the way I should have. I believe God was testing me to see if I could not contain the Holy Spirit that I challenged Him to give me. I got stressed and I shut down.
Friends, I want you to know that no matter what, Jesus is always there and will love you. He died for us to open up a relationship with us that transcends all understanding. I can't shut down when I get stressed. I can't do the things I feel are most important. What is most important is that I am performing for an audience of one. I am working for the one who died for me. I am in love with God more than anything else in this world. I just pray that those who start a relationship really push prayer and seek God's face, not His hands.


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