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Today, I sit here writing this post as a way to inform people of how funny Christians act in certain situations. If you are a Christian, please take a minute and look around at your life. Do some of you have the fish symbol on your car, yet yell at traffic when they won't do what YOU want? Do others have the tshirt on that says, "Body Piercings Saved My Life" and on the back it has pictures of Jesus' hands that were nailed through. Or yet, one of my favorite tshirts is " abreadcrumb and fish" playing off of an obbious abercrombie and fitch shirt.
It is so funny how we try to turn anything that is in pop culture and make it Christian. Why do we do that? The other day I heard a The Fray song on the Christian radio station here in Atlanta. Really 104.7? The Fray? They are in no way Christian yet we always try to turn pop culture Christian to keep up with the times and to be more hip and popular.

I can't say I am not as guilty as the next person. I have a bunch of tshirts with Christian sayings, I listen to Christian music. I am the most generic Christian if there ever was one. Here is another thing Christians do; when you go to camp, what is one of the meals you can always expect? Lasagna! That's right readers, the pasta is always the way to go. It is cost efficient, feeds close to 5000 and serves its purpose for food. I think of all the trips I have been on, pasta is a general norm in the Christian camp scenes.

This blog post, however, is not to bash on the Christian culture, that is ever changing with the times and we are just trying to keep up. This post is to bring out some of the crazy ideas that we have as Christians, yet one thing is still constant. Jesus Christ is always constant, He has never changed, nor will He. Yet, we try to form Jesus in this image of a white man with a beard and a white robe who loves hugs, high fives and drives a hybrid car with the cross sticker in the window and the fish symbol on the back left. Why do we do this so much? Why do we have to turn Jesus into something He is not? Jesus can relate to anyone and can love everyone, but we try to manipulate the way He is and the image of Him to fit the different scenes of the social system of the world. Jesus is not Tony Hawk. Jesus could probably to a 1080 spin in the air on a skateboard if He so desired, but He probably wouldn't.

Too many times, I walk down the street and can easily see the offense that others see in this world. Our problem is we are not communicating Christ to those who need to hear it. We are communicating salvation and then dumping them off into a church or a group that loves God. That is fantastic, but how many people can sit around and say that if we had never been to church, became a believer, entered into a relationship with Christ, and then was thrown to the lions den of a church service, that we would know what was going on?

The way we communicate Christ today is almost shameful. Some of us are so intent on getting souls saved, but not worrying about them after that we lose more people that way. Why do we always come across so brash and hypocritical? People who are not believers sit around and wait for the Christian to mess up, then we brush it off saying we are not all perfect and we will sin occasionally etc. This is a mess! We need to get our focus on something and someone who has been constant this whole time. God! He has never changed, nor will He. If He did, He would not be God!

So the next time you see a shirt that says "King of Kings" under two hamburger buns, that looks like the burger king symbol, please ask what that really means. Is Jesus a burger joint? Is Jesus relative to fast food in any way? How does that relate to someone who never knew God or did not care to know God?

And last, but surely not least, please 104.7 The Fish (A Christian radio station here in Atlanta), do not play any more pop songs that have nothing to do with Christ. Just because we can find a Jesus meaning in most things, does not mean that one is there.

As I step off my soap box, put on my Christian shirt and walk out of this room, I hope you will take a second to find out who the true God is. Underneath all the pop culture, white robe, bearded man we see Jesus as, find out who He really is. Can you also find a way to communicate His love to someone without having a means to an end by just getting them saved? Can you communicate Christ in a way that establishes a true relationship with someone where you know their fears and their joys?


Alex said...

I'll add to your plea to The Fish:

Please stop watering down faith altogether. Please find a new tagline. "Safe for the whole family" makes people think that being a Christian makes life safe. I've learned that it's quite to the contrary.

Congrats on the engagement again Mark!

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