making a significant connection...

I am amazed at technology. Just sit back and think about how much power we can have, just at the tips of our fingers! If you turn on a light switch, and hoping that the power bill has been paid, we have electricity on demand. That is crazy, to think that in any dark area of my house, I can turn on a light and it not be dark anymore. And that is BASIC technology. Now we have super fast computers, we have touch screen mp3 players and cell phones. Technology has come a long way. Some may say that it connects us with the world and with everyone else. Facebook, for example, is a way to stay "connected" with friends and people that you didn't really hang out with in high school, yet you want to stalk them and see what their lives are like now.

It's funny to think about connections. We all have some sort of connections to the world. We have our family connections, friend connections, internet connections. We have all sorts of connections. God created us to have these connections too!

If we look at Genesis 2, we see God telling Adam to name all the animals. Now, up to this point, God had said that His creation was good. It was complete. However, when He saw how lonely Adam was, God said that it was incomplete. We thrive off of connections with others.

Adam did as God told him, and named all the animals. However, this was not Snow White where all the animals interacted with Adam, made his clothes, and sang songs. These animals did not care for Adam nor love Adam. He need companionship. So God laid Adam down, made him sleep, and during his sleep; God created Eve out of Adam's rib.

Adam was elated through this. Adam had someone to share his feelings and thoughts with. He could show her around, be with someone. Adam had made an instant connection. We must make a significant connection with those around us. We can not live a life outside alone. It will literally kill us!

Look back at the movie "Castaway". Great movie, and Tom Hanks creates himself a companion out of a volleyball. Does this matter to him? No, because he needed companionship. If he did not have it, do you think he would have survived on the island for 4 years? I don't think so.

So as we walk through this world, your community, and even your home; try to make those significant connections with those around us. It is then that we can plainly see that we need that same significant connection with Christ.


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