Hypocritical. Two-Faced. Facade. Farce. Liar. Cheater. Disgusting. Sad. Sorry. Forgiveness. Woeful. Depressed. Anger. Ugly. Redemption.

Do any of these words resonate with you? Do any of these words hit you straight to the heart? I can say that at one time or another in my life, I can apply each of these words to a situation that has happened in the past. I am sure that I can find a specific event in my life that one of these words can describe said events.

Unfortunately for me, a lot of these words has been thrown around at others also. Why is it that when people are faced with the truth, we try to lesson the blow by displacing the blame on others? When we are caught in sin, do we not use the words we are human, or everyone else has done something worse? We always try to bump our sin down a notch so that the blow is not that big.

Let me tell you something readers, whether I take a pen from somebody or if I murder somebody, sin is still what separates me from God. I have been raised in a way that tells me that I should try to block the blows from people or just roll with the punches. In the end, I will be a better man because of it. People, this is just not the case. If we are "rolling with the punches" in life and not throwing our problems and joys and fears to God, what are we doing?

Christ and I share a relationship. It is a personal relationship where Him and I talk, we laugh, we cry, I read His word. Christ and I share what a true relationship should be. Christ has been with me through the muck and the mire. Christ has seen me at my peek of joy. Christ has walked miles with me in my shoes, or sandals for those who know me. However, why is it that I always try to make my sin OK? Why do I try to rationalize my behavior?

In my own life, recently as a matter of fact, I have seen a large amount of sin in someone close that I know. This person has betrayed HUNDREDS of people and has deceived possibly the whole world. This person has lied to me, his family, and everyone he knows to protect himself. However, when confronted with his sin, this person simply says that he is the first person to do it. Others have done worse than he has. He must be the only person in the world who has sinned against God. This person even told me that I am perfect because I point out their sin and not my own.

I don't understand it readers. I don't understand why people try to constantly berate you with the truth, and then we shrug it off like nothing happened. My plea to everyone who reads this blog today is to cast everything upon God. When we try to lesson the blow, what we fail to realize is that sin still separates us from God. It is sickening. When we displace blame on others, we are still guilty. Others have done worse things in our own eyes, but sin is separation from God. Sin is anything against God. It is all equal to Him. We, here on earth, have different levels of sin. Yet, Christ took that sin for all and we dare cast Him aside to make our sin less or appear less?

A true relationship with Christ, or with anyone, is when you share their fears and their joys. I may know somebody, but I don't really know who they are until I see them at their lowest and live it with them. I must be there and follow the great example Christ showed us on this earth. Christ talked with those who people thought He shouldn't talk to. Christ healed many that were deemed unhealable (made up word). Christ loved everyone, no matter their social status or their background. Christ came to know people for who they were. Why can't we follow this example? Why can't we man up and try to act as Christ did? I will be the first to admit I have fallen short in my life on many occasions. In fact, even as I type this blog, I know that I need my time with God. I always try to find the approval from the outer world. I am always trying to seek approval from those the approval does not matter. What matters the most is that I honor God in all that I do, say, think, pray, eat, see etc. I must honor God with all that I am. Christ has seen me at my lowest point. He has seen me at my highest. It is time to take THIS model of ministry and apply it to my life. I am still and will always learn what God has planned for me. Who knows what lies ahead. The only thing for me is that I see Christ for who He really is and I show that love and grace to the world of people that I encounter.

Maybe I should start a Waffle House ministry? I wouldn't be able to fit in the booth if that is all I ate, but there are all kinds of life that walk through those doors! God will bless me, but readers, pray that God blesses those around you and also to bless you! Pray that you share this personal relationship with Christ and that His love exudes through you so much that no one can deny that Christ is real. Let Christ live through us and let the Holy Spirit work in us to do a mighty work through us. Just remember these words, people don't care about how much you know until they know how much you care.


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