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This morning, as I lay on the couch trying to half watch a TV show and sleep, I went to my DVR to find something good. As I turn to the DVR menu, I see that one of my favorite shows, "Family Guy", was recorded. Since it being 6 AM and nothing else is on except ads for the magic bullet (which I want for Christmas to all those who read and want to know what to get me), I pressed play to watch the show.

This week, the show revolved around Brian the Dog. He has written a book and received a letter in the mail that said he was to get an award for his book. Little does he know, that this award was made by people who were "special" and they loved the book because of its simplistic writing style. On the way home, after having a few, Brian hits a dog and kills it. He tries to cover it up and bury the dead dog's body in the ground. Stewie, the evil baby genius, sees this and tries to make Brian feel bad about this and tries to make Brian scared. So eventually Brian confesses to the murder of another Dog and everyone laughs at him because it is basically one animal killing another. This is natural. Brain feels outraged because he feels as though animals are mistreated and not considered as valuable life.

The whole point of this show is to show that there is value in life in everyone. As I look into the depths of my life, I look into those who are closest to me by relation. I am seeing some lines being drawn and many walls being built up. Life gets ugly when we take out the value of another person.

So many times I walk down the road and I get stuffy and if I see someone begging for money or food, I walk the other way. What kind of signal am I sending to those who need help? I can offer something to these people, who may not even know who Christ is. I walk around as a light that is a city on a hill. I can not be put out. Yet, I am the one trying to cover the windows so the light does not shine through.

Why do we so often hide our inner thoughts and feelings about Christ? Why are we so scared to be intentional and relational with ALL those who are around us? As I see the walls in my own family being built up and lines being divided by those who I never thought would do so. It is sad to see where my life with my family is headed, however, I know that God has bigger plans for me.

As I look ahead to the future, I see promise and success for what God has placed on my heart. I am here on this earth to do one thing, advance the Kingdom of God with the gifts I have been given. It is time to be intentional and authentic. I will stop avoiding those who need help and be relational with all those around me. Christ has made me as a city on a hill that the light can not be put out.


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