Last week I wished I was Michael Keaton. You want to know why? Last week was one of those weeks where everything comes crashing down on you at once and you have no plan of attack. Last week was the week from..hades! Satan really got my gun and it wore me slap out. By Tuesday, I was ready for my life to be over so I could go and meet Jesus early!

Now you are probably reading this and going, huh, I wonder why Mark would want to be Michael Keaton? Well let me burst your thought bubble and explain why. Last week, I had about 4000 things to do on my desk and no plan of attack for them. I was caught WAY off guard, even though I knew in the back of my head what I had to do. Micheal Keaton was victim of this as well. He had so much to do and he figured, well if I can be at 2 places at once, I would get twice at much done. So he cloned himself. And not just once, when he figured this plan would work, he cloned himself again and again. This movie was called Multiplicity. Though I have never seen the movie, the idea seemed great.

And then we move into the weekend. Let me just preface this by making this statement: I have learned a lot about talking smack too early. That being said, the football weekend was awesome. There were several plays at the end of the games that would make me want to jump up and scream. And of course, my Falcons disappointed me when we couldn't even move our offense down the field.

All that being said, the title of this blog post is overrated. You see, when I looked at Florida's football team, and my pure hatred for Alabama, well I thought it was a no brainer. However, much to my dismay, Alabama won the SEC championship and is now going to play for the national title. I hate to say it, but Nick Saban is a good coach. But I want to look back at Tim Tebow a little. His team and him have looked unstoppable at times. However, the mighty have fallen.

Sometimes in my life, I like to think of myself as on top of the world. In my career and life, I look only to strive to be the best. However, when we get so bogged down with the things of the world we tend to forget about Jesus and the life that He has given us. One thing I do know is that Christ has never been nor ever will be overrated.

When I looked at Facebook on Saturday night, after the SEC championship game, I saw so many people making fun of Tim Tebow crying after they lost. Well, I know one thing, if I were in his position, I would do the same thing. But my question to the readers of this blog is simple, why can't we have a passion for Christ like we do for football or for something else in our lives?

I tend to put things of the Christian world on the back burner. I tend to want to be the friend rather than the youth pastor sometimes. Why do I always put Christ on the back burner? Where is my passion for Christ? Where in my life do I sit on the edge of my seat to wait to see what happens next? Is this only during football games, or should this passion be directed elsewhere?

I can look at football and relate because it has always been part of my life. Why do I wake up some days and just want to go back to sleep? I have seemed to displace my passion for only the things in the world and not out of this world where they can not be destroyed. You see blog readers, my life needs to be a passion for Christ. I need to take a step back and have an out of body experience where I can look at myself through God's eyes. I need to have that passion from within that makes me cheer when something great happens. That makes me leap when someone scores on for the Kingdom; that makes me cry when someone loses; that makes me get goosebumps when I hear something of God.

The common facebook status I saw was, And Tebow Wept. Well you know what, Tebow did cry for his passion for the game. Our passion for Christ should make us cry as well. How often do we look at our lives and the things going on for the Kingdom and cry? My challenge to you and to myself is to look at our lives and find that passion that drives us to the point of tears. Make the Kingdom of Heaven shout and jump and sing in celebration for the way we are winning souls for Christ.


Alex said...

Just want you to know, you're going down tomorrow. I'm going to beat you so bad that you'll cry just like Tim Tebow!

Just kidding. (about the crying part I hope)

I just wish they'd stop showing Tebow crying over and over and over. Nobody has the right to give commentary on what his emotions should have been until they've walked in those shoes.

Saying goodbye is always gut wrenching, especially when your hopes of going out on a high note get dashed.

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