As I sit here in my office and I reflect on some things in my life. God has really put on my mind about tradition. Tradition plays a part in many peoples lives. We have church traditions, football traditions and much more. Jeff Francouer, a former Atlanta Braves player, grew a beard and worse his "lucky" underwear when he played for the Braves. This was to help him get out of his slump. It became a tradition for him to wear his "lucky" underwear to help him get better. We, in Atlanta, now expect the Braves to loose because it has been a tradition.

I was reading some facebook updates on Saturday, during a tradition of mine, and came across Geoffry Grubbs facebook post. It stated that he was going to a GEORGIA TECH game. Now for those of you who don't know Geoff, he is about 6'3 tall. He weighs a good 188. He is bald, old, and wrinkly. More important than all of that, he is a HUGE University of Georgia fan. He even has a UGA symbol on the back windshield of his truck. Now, I am not one to call out people, but this old man (who got the senior citizen discount) went to a GA Tech game. Don't believe me? Here is the proof...
A man who professes one thing and turns his back on tradition. I can say this, I am proud of him because UGA is terrible this year. But I can also say this, this picture was photo shopped. He did attend a game, however.

I want us to look at the traditions in our lives. We go to places that are full of traditions. We have things in our lives that become traditions after so many times of doing it. However, when tradition stops or changes, we get mad.

People get upset when you change tradition. Why is that? Why do we get mad when someone familiar changes? Isn't change supposed to be good?

I use Geoff as a humorous example of changing traditions, but the fact is that change can be a good thing. Every day I read my Bible, I learn more about Christ. My perspective changes. When I attend a new church, my traditions change.

We sometimes are so used to the norm, even in church, that the traditions become our Jesus. As I sat in my apartment this morning, I got on my knee's to pray and I opened my Bible. I thought for a second, that I do this almost every morning, but do I do it simply because I am used to doing it? Has tradition become my Jesus?

Today, I write my blog post about changing tradition. Get out of the norm. Christ is constantly evolving my mind and heart around Him. I am always learning new things about Christ, and finding Christ in new ways in my life. After I have these experiences, my views and traditions of Christ change.

Tradition is a good thing. It is good to be able to do some things the same way, but times change and so do the ways that we need to look at Christ. As I talked with one of my students last night, they asked me why we couldn't do things the way they used to be? This made me question my abilities as a youth minister. I felt as though I had done wrong and wondered what I can do to bring it back to retro.

Christ shows us that we must give everything to Him and die to ourselves daily. Christ has given us gifts to use for Him. We must show Him the love and the relationship He desires for us, in order to live for Him. So therefor we must die to ourselves. Sometimes dying to ourselves means that we must die to the old ways and start new. My life went from one extreme to the other when I became a believer. It is my prayer and my hope through this blog post, that you will examine your own lives, as I examine mine, and find the traditions that are meaningless. Find the traditions that will further your walk with Christ on a daily basis.


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