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I had an epiphany this morning around 5:39. I was falling asleep to my TV on, and you know when you are in the stage between a dream and reality you are pretty sure you can see or hear anything and you can sort-of react to it? Well that happened to me this morning. My epiphany is so incredible that I must share with with my readers, or just me because I may be the only person who reads my own blog.

So there I was, half dreaming and half awake and I sit up. The TV was on an 80's movie that probably speaks to the heart and life of every person who has ever seen it. You know what movie I am talking about....."Howard the Duck"! This is such a great movie! It has a live action duck, who is transported from his home planet, which is inhabited by what else than anthropomorphic ducks, to planet earth. It is here that Howard meets a struggling singer named Beverly. Howard and Beverly start a hilarious comedy team as they travel around with "Cherry Bomb", who else but Beverly's band, and they encounter the Dark Overlord, who is the bad guy and the only way Howard can go back to his home planet.
So what happens next? Well Beverly gets captured and Howard and some scientist, played by the great Tim Robbins, comes in and blow up the overlord. The only problem, Howard can no longer go back to his home planet. So what is an anthropomorphic duck to do? Only what any other anthropomorphic duck would do, become the band manager for "Cherry Bomb", Beverly;s band. He also PROMOTES the scientist, Phil, from being a scientist to an employee of the band! All is well in the world of Howard the Duck and the year of 1986.

Now what does all that have to do with anything? Being in the trance of half asleep and half awake, I slowly came to the realization, that I needed to change the channel. However, when I started to finally come back to reality, and realized that the movie I was watching was not some really crazy dream about a duck-man named Howard, that we as Christians tend to be half awake and half asleep when it comes to the things of the Gospel.

I am no great mind of the Christian world, and I surely can not write like the champions of the book world, but I do know one thing. My relationship with Christ is what matters the most and it is about time I WAKE UP. Look at Howard the Duck, the whole movie his mind was set elsewhere. Not on the things of this world, but on the things of another. His focus was to try to get home. Some of us, including myself, are so infused with our own lives, that we let our minds wander.

Howard the Duck can be considered a philosophical person, or duck-man, in my book. Right up there with the greats of Socrates, Sir Isaac Newton, and Elmo from Sesame Street. Our mind's need to be focused on the things of Christ, a Kingdom mindset, rather than the things of this world. We should be focusing on spreading the gospel to many around us. Howard's message was simple, (and I quote) Howard T. Duck: "That's it, no more Mr. Nice Duck". WOW! Words of wisdom from a fictional duck. But you know what readers, it is true. It is time that we not be so passive with our thoughts on things and time we stand up for what Christians believe in this world. It is time we wake up from our half slumber and open our eyes to the glory and grace that Christ has to offer all. It is time that we, Howard T. Duck: "No one laughs at a master of Quack Fu!"

Don't laugh at the Master anymore. He created us in His image to be creative in a way that we can all share the gospel to anyone. Here is an example from my good ole' memory bank. I was sitting on a bus at Auburn, and a guy came in and sat next to me. The bus was full that day. He sat down and I began to play with my phone because I didn't feel comfortable sitting next to people I don't know. He looked over and saw that him and I shared the same kind of phone. We talked about our phones, which was one of 300 I have owned in my life (ask me about it later if you see me), and that opened up a conversation about the church I was attending at the time. The next Sunday night, he came. Now I don't think he came much more than that, but the night he came it was an opportunity for him to hear the gospel from a much better speaker than myself.

God can open up anything and make it relevant, we must simply have a Kingdom mindset so that His knowledge and grace overflows into our cups so that we can pour into others.

Oh, and for those of you who were wondering what my epiphany was this morning, it was this: I need to make sure I turn on the heat somewhat in the winter because I woke up shivering from the cold and it is OK to spend a little more money for my comfort in my own home. Bet you didn't see that coming!


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