weekend rewind...

Man this weekend was amazing! We had so much going on. The biggest thing was the lock in we had with the students. Our group had 14 students show up and we had a blast. Here was what we did:
1. We got there to over 50 students from Griffin.
2. We played a mixer game.
3. We played Sardines.
4. We had a bonfire.
5. We extinguished a problem in the bathroom.
6. We played Capture the Flag.
7. We ate gutter ice cream (see picture below).
8. We went to bed (sort of).
9. Told the story of the homeless man that stayed in the church and scared the crap out of 8 youth.
What a weekend! Sunday night, even better! We had 3 students show up to senior high youth last night and I challenged the students to step up and step out. I also challenged myself. I spoke out of Acts, chapter 2. I lit candles and cut off the lights. It was a very intimate setting. Then I shared a personal story of my walk and where I struggled as a teenager. I then challenged the students to turn the corner of spiritual walks and really get to know Jesus and what He can do.

What an amazing weekend! I am really excited about what God has planned for our group. I will be gone next week due to me being on vacation, and be prepared for a great long blog about that, but until then just know that God is moving whether we have 100 or 3 students. God works through many and few. Where two or more are gathered, God is there also.

God really opened my eyes to a lot of things this weekend. It is time in my life to turn the corner and move forward. In the words of our friend's down under, it is time for a "fair dingem" ministry. This means that it is back to the basics. Building relationships with everyone in sight, showing love on anyone who walks my path, and be genuine. Ed Young, a pastor I hold dear to my heart, said in a facebook update, "Don't try to be someone else. You be you! Because if you aren't you, there will be a hole in history, a gap in God's creative order." We must learn to be who we are. We must be vulnerable and real to those around us.

I was at lunch on Thursday with my mentor Geoff. I watched him interact with our waitress, and he may not remember this but as we were leaving we saw the woman in the booth behind us and she was eating alone. Geoff said hello, asked her how her day was, and then said have a good day. He was intentional. This man is a walking example of Christ. It is amazing to see how God will use just about anybody to change the life of anyone. I pray that God uses me in this manner.


Leslie Creswell said...

Our old pastor had a saying and it was "you're never here by accident"....God knows what we need and when we need it, read my blog it's all about that same topic too. Have a safe vacation, cant wait to read all about it.

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