The other day I was watching TV and I a commercial came on that I love. It is an advertisement for an Italian food company. The food that they make are so good, it reminds them of the food their grandma's used to make. The commercial starts off with a guy at the table and he sits there with a can tied to a string. He say's, "Ring, Ring. Ring, Ring." The cook on the other end picks up. They start talking about the food, and even though it is a diet food, it still tastes great. This commercial makes me laugh every time.

When I watch that commercial I reminisce of the times when people would tie to cans together with a string and communicate. They would play telephone with this contraption that was made. The vibrations from one person's voice would carry through the string to the other can. You could literally talk to one another around the corner or even from one end of the yard to the other. It was a child's telephone with only one other person.

Communication between people and even animals has been around since the beginning of time. God communicated and the world was formed. The animals have ways of communication. Even today, communication is one of the most sophisticated things that we have. We will never understand the full amount of communication that is out there.

God craves our communication. The tin can on a string is kind of like our communication with God. We talk to Him directly. There is only one other person on the end. He sits there and waits for us to talk to Him, to show Him thanks, to ask for forgiveness, to tell Him about our day. God communicates back. However, the communication God sends to us can be in many different forms. Some we will never see, because we miss the big picture. Other times we see God in huge ways, when we are really in tune with God.

We always fail at communication. In order to maintain any type of relationship, we must communicate. We can communicate on a sub conscience level as well. Our movements in our body, the way we look, how we breathe, all these are other ways to communicate as well.

I remember a time in my life when I said I would pray for someone and never did, or just forgot. I normally would listen to people, say I would pray for them to make them feel better, and then go about my day as if nothing happened. What if God did that to us? What if He just sat there, listened, and never communicated back?

I try to remember this. Communication has failed in parts of my life and has hurt me in others, but I try to make it known what I am feeling at all times. I wear my emotions on my sleeve. I try to communicate with everyone and be transparent with everyone I meet. I want to be as real as possible to all those around me.

The commercial campaign will stop eventually and I will find another commercial I love, but subtle reminder of how we can and should communicate with God.


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