WAR GAMES (an overlook)...

Here is an event, that maybe you and your ministry can do, with other churches, to boost some attendance and to just have some down right messy fun. Because let's be honest, getting messy and being able to throw stuff at your kids for fun is really 92% of youth ministry!

Here are the rules of WAR GAMES
1. Each team provides it's own ammo for each of the three wars. When one team runs out, that team is out until the next round.
2. There will be 3 wars. The first war is the Flour war. You can buy a nice big bag of flour from any Sam's Club or Bj's or whatever wholesale store you have for cheap. By several of these bags and give it to the students. The point of this war is to simply run around and throw flour at the other people. We will be giving an "Antique Award" for this. This means the person with the most flour on them, they look like an antique picture.
3.The second war is the Egg War. You can pretty much figure this out, but each team will have a target. The purpose is to protect your target (which should be a tarp with a bullseye painted on). Each team will throw eggs at the other teams target. The team with the most eggs on the bullseye wins. However, each team must also defend their target. If a person is hit with an egg, they are out until the next round. Again, the eggs can be purchased at your local wholesale store.
4.The third war is a classic waterballoon fight, with a twist. Of course you will have hundreds and thousands of water balloons ready for action, but some will be mixed with food coloring. These waterballoons are special. The most special will be the red food coloring balloons. The person who has the most red on them will get the "redman award".
5. After all of this, your church and the other churches will come together for a gutter icecream sundae. No need to worry about germs here! If you don't know what a gutter sundae is...let me show you the beauty of this:

Isn't that pretty? Put all different types of ice cream in a gutter, and all the toppings on the side, give the students a spoon and tell them to dig in!

While the students are chowing down on their sundae and having fun, share a talk about spiritual war fare. This can tie into the WAR GAMES theme. You can also make shirts with an awesome design. Tell the new kids or the guests to wear all white, while everyone else has on camo or black. This way you can spot them a lot easier.

At the end of all of this, if you are feeling really daring, you can watch the terrible movie called War Games starring Matthew Brodrick. He starts a war with computers. I DON'T reccomend you do this, but again it is for the really brave!

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