b-e-a utiful (sweet and sour)...

My life has been fantastic as of lately. I have just been enjoying everything I can. I have been diving deeper into the word as well and God and I have really been expanding our horizons together. I believe that because of this, God has blessed me in a lot of facets of my life. Either that, or I am just now noticing the blessings.

I had to do chapel today for our academy. I talked about the healing power of God. But before I got to the chapel room, I had to walk across the street and walk outside. I slid on my sun glasses and I opened the door to walk out. WOW! That was all I could think. For about 13 seconds all I could do is look up in the sky. Today was simply beautiful. The temperature was just right, the sun was shining, the sky was blue. What an amazing day!

This only capped what an awesome weekend I had. I went to the Auburn game and watch our football team open a can on LA Tech. Then I went on a double date to the Braves game and watched Matthew West sing on Sunday. Monday, I went to the lake and relaxed. It was a very busy weekend for me, but I sit here today, in my office, and I reflect on the time I had this weekend. I didn't make a whole lot of time for God.

I went to church on Sunday, of course, and everything else but I limited my time with God. I did think about God at certain times, but it just wasn't the same. I missed my quiet place, my hiding place, where I can just sit with God and listen and read and pray about His will in my life.

God is beautiful. He reminds me in the subtleties of life like today. I was taken back by the beauty of the day. I am taken back in a lot of things that fall into my every day life. I pray that whoever reads this blog just takes time to see the beauty of the simplicity and to find God in their hiding place as well. God will bless you and I pray God will bless you when you spend time with Him and expand your horizons with God.


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