The 5 Essentials for Healthy Living...

At Bible study last night in the ER we had 11 students show up. What a blessing it was! We had a lot of Senior High and Mid Highs. We have been doing a Bible study on The 5 Essentials for Healthy Living. It is titled Chew On This.

Healthy Things grow. Whether it's trees, lawns, flowers, or people. If there is health, there is growth. However, just because someone is growing physically does not mean they are growing spiritually. This Bible study grows in to 5 ways we can grow in a more intimate and personal relationship with Him.

Week 1- The first essential for Healthy Living is: Reaching Out To The Lost. Each one can Reach one.
Week 2- Connecting with Other Believers- With others I am strong, Alone I am Shaky.
Week 3- Personal Growth- Just Because I am Getting Older Does Not Mean I am Growing Up.
Week 4- Discovering My Gifts- A gift is only good if it gets used!
Week 5- Honoring God with my life- Foes my lifestyle honor God or hurt Him?

Through reading over this amazing Bible study, written by my good and close personal friend Doug Fields, I have learned a lot about my life. I have not been living a healthy lifestyle that honors God.
I so often forget my daily quiet time with God. It nourishes me and brings me strength for the day. George Mathison, the Senior Pastor at Auburn First United Methodist Church, told me once that he wakes up every morning to his quiet time with God. Psychology tells us that the way we wake up in the first 15 minutes dictates our attitude for the rest of the day. For example, if we wake up mad, we have a tendency to have a bad day. If we wake up with God first, we may still have a bad day, but we have the hope and the faith to cling to God when we need Him.
Beth Moore states that when she was in depression she clung to God not every day, not every hour, but every minute of her life. She says that our daily walk with God is a minute by minute basis because we have no idea where we will be the next minute. This woman now reaches thousands of people through her Bible studies and helps many woman through a lot of hard times.
My story is nothing special. God changed me from where I was to where I am now. It is an amazing journey full of ups and downs and zig zags, turn aways, u turns, rededications, and much more. However, I know God has walked each step with me.
God will not favor you more because of me following these 5 essentials for healthy living. God already does favor me. These are, however, some basic things I can add to my life, as you can yours, that will make us healthier in our spiritual walk.

I hope this blog reaches someone. Even if I have one reader or 1000 readers, I know that God has blessed my life, and this is one way I can share the love of Christ to reach a lot of people or even just one.


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