I was on facebook this morning and I came across a status update from Mark Batterson, Pastor of NCC in D.C. and a very good author. His status update said this, "i don't think anyone has ever sacrificed anything 4 God. Why? because u always get back more than u gave up."

McDonough First UMC is currently doing a study on "The Five Practices of a Fruitful Congregation". This book was written by Bishop Schansay. It tells us about 5 different ways we can grow as a congregation and of course be fruitful in what we do! Yesterday's sermon, which was on giving to the church, was awesome.

When we sacrifice things to God, it seems that God seems to bless us. I was really convicted yesterday. I give my 10% to the church, however, what else can I do beyond that? Dana, my pastor and CEO and boss, said that we can go the OT route of giving 10% or we can go the Jesus route as He said, "Sell everything and follow me". He then said the OT route sounds more acceptable now doesn't it?

What if we did give away all our possessions and follow Jesus? Why don't we get out of our complacent pews and do something about it? Why are we so scared to follow Jesus anymore? There is one thing I have learned while studying the Bible over the past 7 years, since I have become a Christian. It is that God blesses those who bless Him. I am not saying that give your church $100 and He will give you $1,000. Not at all. I believe that when we give our lives to Christ, we have a calling to follow Jesus whole heartedly.

I look back at the quote from Mark Batterson that was posted at the beginning of this blog post. "i don't think anyone has ever sacrificed anything 4 God. Why? because u always get back more than u gave up." These are words of conviction for me as well. Yesterday spoke miles into my brain and down into my soul. Why have I been so complacent with what I am doing in life? As a youth pastor, I have been complacent in my ministry. Sure things are going well, but there are times they aren't. I have a close friend who is struggling some right now, and we made some awesome plans for both of our groups today. Via facebook chat, we were able bring our minds together and summon the powers of the great doug fields and do something. We had a great idea. We are going to sacrifice our bodies for a new event called "War Games". That is all the info I can bring at this time, but God is going to bless it.

But what I am I doing to sacrifice my life to God? I must die to myself and follow Him by lifting up my cross daily. I will do as much as I can for the Kingdom of God. What will you do to sacrifice for God? What can you do to advance the Kingdom on the earth? And is God blessing you because you are blessing Him with your life?


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