just the bare necessities...

This week has already started off great! I had a wonderful weekend, things at youth couldn't be better, and God is truly evident in my life with all that is going on.
I was walking up the stairs to my office and I was thinking about the song, "The Bear Necessities" from the Disney movie The Jungle Book. I want to break it down for you a little here.
This song is a throw back for me. I watched this movie a lot when I was little. It was a great movie! I liked the music and the themes in the movie! But most of all, I like the song "The Bear Necessities".
I called this blog post the bare necessities. I want to get down to the bare things. Last night at the mid high group, we started the storying technique and it went off without a hitch. It was great! We talked about the creation story. Telling of the spirit of God flowing over the land, and creating a dark void into the earth. He then created Adam in a beautiful garden, making all things available to him. He then made Eve. It is fantastic. The students were really receptive to it.
This technique of storying, an oral Bible, really opened my eyes to where the students were in their spiritual knowledge of the Bible. They were asking questions that we just assume they already knew!
The bare necessities are simple. We need to break it down to the simplest form. We can't assume that people fully understand "church" talk. "Church" talk is described as words that we use in church that those who have never been to church or are new to being a believer, may not understand all the rhetoric we use in the church services. It is my goal to find a way to break down the Bible enough for those to understand it can. The oral Bible technique is an amazing and almost archaic way of telling the story of God.
Find out where the bare necessities are in your walk with Christ. Get down to the bareness of God and find out where He is in your life.


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