This morning I woke up and I felt great. There are some things going on in my life that may not be at it's best right now, but I woke up refreshed and energized. God has really been good to me lately.
Last night, we were blessed with 15 students at youth! That was 15 divine appointments with God and the students. I love to sit back and look at what God is doing and today, I had the chance to do that. As I look back at "the mix" last night, I see potential. I also see a new horizon ahead. From youth pastors past, we see successful ministries during their time with the students at McDonough First UMC, however, I also noticed a lingering on to youth pastors past. It is not my intention to flatten what any other youth pastor has done up to this point, for they were doing what God told them to do at the time, and it was great during their time. The new horizon that I see is the possibility of huge growth spiritually and numerically.
Numbers will no longer disappoint me. We had 15 total students last night and that was good enough for me and definitely pleasing in the sight of God. With the huge potential of growth, we will grow together as a family. We will depend on one another and focus on the growth between the students and God and the growth of the other students around us. I asked them the question last night, How can they communicate God better to those around them? If they were sending someone a text message about God, and only one, what would they say?
I know that the way we communicate to others is huge. The way that we communicate ourselves to God and God to others is even bigger. We must find that common ground and build a foundation upon that.
Here is the Cliff Notes version of lesson last night: TXT MSSG RLIGN

Open with slides of different text messages and have the students guess what they mean:
1. 2moro- tomorrow
2. 2nite- tonight
3. LOL- Laugh Out Loud
4. TTYL- Talk To You Later
5. ABITHIWTITB- A Bird In the Hand is Worth Two in the Bush
6. GLYASDI- God Loves You And So Do I

The way we communicate is always changing. We used to use AOL IM. Now we have facebook, twitter, email and text messaging. What is the most common way you communicate?

Read John 3:1-13
Jesus speaks to Nicodemus about the Holy Spirit. Nicodemus is an educated Jewish leader and does not understand what Jesus is talking about when He says one must be reborn. Jesus then explains what it means to be born again by the water and the spirit. Nicodemus is like what the heck is the spirit? Jesus explains it as the wind. You can feel it, but you don't know where it comes from or where it is going but it is always there.
Jesus, the ultimate text message communicator was great at explaining things. We see here that Jesus breaks it down into simple terms for Nicodemus to understand. We should take this model and use it in our daily communication as well.

Ed Young Jr. is the Senior Pastor at Fellowship Church in Dallas, Texas. This church reaches thousands each weekend. Ed states that when he brought one of his friends from the basketball team at FSU to church, the guy didn't know what was going on or what the preacher was saying. He had a look of confusion on his face. There were church terms the man didn't know. Ed then realized he needed to find a way to reach those around him by communicating the Word of God in a better way. A way that anyone can understand.
To me, this is the motivation for my student ministry. How can I communicate Christ better to the students so even they understand? Jesus tweeted to Nicodemus what the Kingdom of Heaven was and how to be born again.
How will you communicate God to your friends? How can you help them to make them understand Christ better and in a personal way as you do?

Close in Prayer


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