Let's sit back and clear our minds for a minute. Let's take a deep breath, relax, and close your eyes. If you do close your eyes, you can't see my blog. Let's pretend, for the sake of this blog, that your eyes are closed.
When we do these type of exercises, it is supposed to help us calm down, feel better, and have a clear mind. The art of storying is a technique that has taught many stories through generations of families and countries. Storying is the art of telling a story. Nothing more than that. However, when people use this technique to tell a story, the people listening to the story become part of the story.
This fall, c3 student ministries will be instilling this form of teaching to the students. I am going to be telling the story of the Bible in chronological order and telling the students the story of the Bible and of God. This way, the story of the Bible will become part of their lives. They put themselevs in the story.
This ancient old technique is a great way to teach the students the Bible. Instead of reading straight from the Bible, which can be consfusing and boring for students, we tell a story. The story is accurate, not missing a beat, and helps the imagination of the students and their creativity flow through their minds and bodies as they listen to the story of God become part of their minds.
After you tell the story, you ask the students to retell the story to you. For each story that you tell, you have a symbol. This means with each story, before each student leaves, we hand out a card. On the front, we have the symbol for the story. On the back of the card, we have the Bible verses that we got the story from.
This type of teaching is very left brain thinking. What I mean when I say left brained thinking is that the left side of your brain is your creative side. This is where we get ideas that bring out the fluidity of our creativity. We, as a society, are very right brained in our thinking. This is our legalstic part of our brain. This is what helps us get organized and everything else that has to deal with the mundane items of life.
The art of the oral Bible helps people become part of the story of God. It helps them find their place in the story of God. Where are you in the story of God? Are you a person who is right brained? We should be doing a lot more left brain thinking and letting God be God in our lives.
Treat God as that which He is, God.


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