Out of the Ordinary Outline

Out of the Ordinary

    • Tell three biggest fears before moving into skydiving story.
    • Explain about the earth’s axis, spinning each day, moving 67 K mph.
    • Talk about how we get comfortable with things and how we need to be comfortably uncomfortable.
      • Explain what it means to be comfortably uncomfortable.
  • Isaiah 29:13
    • Being comfortable in our own lives can lead to damaging things.
    • Ask what their daily routine is?
      • Talk about how routines are what separates our hearts from God. Because things become meaningless.
        • Please keep daily routines of showering and deodorant for the sake of your family and friends however.
    • Tell of how I used to read the Bible on a daily basis that after a while, the fire died because I looked at it as something to mark off on my checklist.
  • Adventure
    • What is something that gets your heart going? What makes you excited about God? What is your passion?
    • Being passionate for God helps break the routine. Throw a curveball in there.
      • Instead of waking up and reading the Bible and that’s it; journal your thoughts.
      • Exodus 3:1-5- Moses at the Burning Bush
        • Moses had a boring job of being a sheep herder. God changed up his routine by revealing Himself to Moses at the burning bush.
  • Even when we spin out of control, God is still in control
    • Changing up my routine keeps me focused on Christ.
    • Chasing after the Holy Spirit can be hard and will be difficult, but the adventure along the way is always mind blowing.


Changing up things here and there can be a good thing. Relying on what God has for us and how, even though it will take time, can bless us in huge ways. Ordinary people can do extraordinary things with the power of Christ in their daily lives and following the Holy Spirit.

My challenge to you tonight is this: Try to find what you are passionate about. It can be music, football, reading, smelling funky, or whatever. Find that passion and seek the adventure that God has for you behind it. I may not be able to see much adventure behind some smelly funky dude, but I know that the Holy Spirit can be used in any way, shape or form. Once you find that passion, pray and then act. Don’t sit around and do the ordinary thing and do nothing. I remember these words from a book I am reading called the Wild Goose Chase. “God will not say well thought, my good and faithful servant, or well prayed my good and faithful servant. He will say well done my good and faithful servant. Get out of the ordinary routine and shake things up. Christ will bless you either way.


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