called. committed. courageous.

For a while, I thought I was having an identity crisis! I woke up one morning, I looked in the mirror, and I said to myself "who are you?" What had I become? This man that stood in the mirror was not what he professed to be. I was a liar, a cheat. I felt like I had lost my edge on life. My job felt like it was getting heavier and heavier and life just didn't seem to let up. Has this happened to anyone?

Since becoming a follower of Christ 7 years ago this November, I know that life has been tough. The best way for me to describe my still, constant, transformation is I see things as choices. I choose to do something that is in the will of God or I don't. I had a friend tell me, that Hell is not this place of fire and torture. He believes hell is separation from God. Eternal separation. That scares me.

The life that I once had was gone and forgiven, yet I still seemed to fall by the wayside of life and get into a routine of daily rituals that take my time away from God. I didn't seem to have any motivation. Lately this has not been the case for me.

God has really put on my heart, with the help of those around me that I work with and that mentor me in the youth ministry world, a plan for a successful youth group. What determines success? Glad you asked. The definition in a youth group for me is the growth spiritually, relationally, and numerically. Because Christ will be first in the group, the students will get to know Christ better. We will be learning the Bible in a chronological order, yet not by reading the Bible hand in hand. We will be learning the Bible orally. Telling the story of the Bible and letting it lead into the lives of the youth. It will overflow into a new wave of ministry for these students as they learn the Bible stories, and let the story of God become part of their own story. They will realize that they are part of the story of God and put themselves right in the middle of it.

As I have studied this new technique for teaching the Bible, I have found my place in the story of God. I look in the mirror now and know where I am is right where God needs me to be. I urge many of you, whoever reads this blog, to be part of the story of God. Find your place in the story.

I titled this blog called. committed. courageous. This is what the c3 stands for in our name c3 student ministries. Our students are going to own their identity in Christ and in the ministry that this church provides. It will be an amazing chance to see what God will be doing in their lives.

I will be answering the call. I will be committed to God's full plan for the group and I will be courageous in my efforts to share Christ with students in this community, my friends, my family, and anywhere I am. I will be a guide in the journey with God as He leads the way. It is an amazing journey to see where God can take you. I don't know the next step I take, but I know that God will be there with me. I am not the same man I was in the mirror months ago. I have laid to rest the failures I was dwelling on, the past youth pastors that have come and gone, and embraced a new method of life for these students. They will get to know the Bible and to know Christ on a much more personal scale.

Find your place in the story. Answer the call. Be committed to cause for Christ. Be courageous in your thinking and the way we walk and live around those who are near and not so near to us.


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