change you can believe in...

The slogan for the President, when running for office, was change you can believe in. It was a catchy slogan that caused many to believe in the President for his ideals during his campaign. This week the some students in my youth group went to River of Life. An annual mission trip in Augusta, GA. We work on houses, schools, or anywhere that needs to be worked on. My students worked hard and were the visual image of an invisible God.
I got to speak with and meet some other awesome people in youth ministry this week. It was really impressive to see the views and to share my ins and outs of the ministry. I got to speak with one man who really opened my eyes to a new kind of youth ministry. One that is spirit led, one that is filled by the grace of God.
This fall, the students involved in c3 student ministries are going to own their identity in Christ. They are going to not only learn the stories of God, but have the story of God in their lives and become a part of that story. I will do what I can to be in the lives of these students and build authentic relationships with these students. God is in control. If I fail big, it's because I know God told me to do it. I can no longer hinder what the spirit can do in this group. After seeing some of the dynamics of other groups, I have learned my new purpose for Christ. It is still the same purpose but it is now a new fire ignited inside me.


Allison said...

Fire is good!! I am praying for you.

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