back to the grind...

I have been out of commission for about 3 weeks now. It is crazy. It has been 4 weeks since I broke my Tibial plateau and it has been 2 weeks since I had surgery. I have to stay off my knee for 3 months! No pressure on the knee! I am not excited about this, but today I decided to come back to work. It has been an experience sitting at home. I have been through the ringer with emotions. Some days I am in a lot of pain, other days I am depressed, and other days I am really up beat and in high spirits.

After going through all of these different emotions and moods, I really began to think about where my priorities have been. So often we get washed up in our own emotions, we forget those around us and the things that matter the most. This knee surgery has changed my life for the time being, and I have to adapt to a new way of life, but God is healing me, I lived through the surgery (even though I thought I was going to die) and I have the support network of hundreds of people. The church I work for has been nothing but awesome and Godly too me.
I have really started to learn what it really means to depend on God and others. Honestly, my dependence on God was limited for a few weeks as I thought this was the worst thing that ever happened to me. It might be, but that's also the soap opera drama part of me showing. It is not a good thing. I am learning, slowly, that God is doing big things for me and for the church and those around me. I was more worried about how I am going to be able to move around on crutches than going on retreats with my students. I realize now that I can move around and I will be able to go on the retreats. God will bless me and help me and so will those around me. This summer and all the events we have planned here at c3 student ministries is awesome and God is going to use the events and retreats we go on to bring other students in to learn more about Him. Use me God....


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