dependent on others...

Monday night. It is a warm night in the spring of 2009. The sun had just set over the horizon and it was time for softball. All who know me, know I take and play softball seriosuly. The team was ready, the prayer was shot up, and the game was under way. I was warming the bench as I would be the relief for the night My time came. My team was down and spirits were low. So it was up to me to bring the spirit of the team back up (not really, I just want it to sound more dramatic). I went out and pitched and no runs were scored. Nice. The next inning came up and I was up to bat. I hit it to the short stop, who oddly looked like Wayne Gretzky, and he over threw the ball to first base. After the next two hitters, I was able to advance to third. So there I am, our team is down 17-3, and I am on third with one out. One of my team mates hits it to then infield. I wait, and then run to home. I am running hard, trying to get there before the throw. Suddenly, as I am running hard and ignoring the signal from the 3rd base coach to stay, I start to lose my footing. I start to slip as I am running home. Knowing that I am going to fall, I start to brace for my fall, yet I want to be safe and score a run. So there I am, running and falling and trying to be safe, and I hit home plate with my left foot! SAFE! As soon as my foot hits the plate, I fall on my left foot, all my weight goes on my left knee and crack! My knee bent backwards
So I broke my knee. Whatever that means. Seriously, I broke my knee. I have been bed ridden for 3 days and counting. Not fun. I have had great help and visitors who bring me balloons, food, movies, games, grading material, and lots more. My church has been so hospitible to me. 
I learned a lot in 3 days from breaking my knee. I am and like to be a very private and individualistic person. Coming home from the E.R. on Monday night, and it taking me 30 minutes to get up three flights of stairs, makes me think of how sloppy I get in my dependency on Christ and others. Yes, I am turning this into a God moment.

As I crawled, cried, hopped, and every which way up the stairs by myself, trying to be independent, though Dana was there to help carry my stuff,  I have relaized it is time for me to depend more on God and those around me to help take care of me in my time of need. I have been hard headed and I have also learned that I lean WAY too much on myself. Proverbs says that we must lean not on our own understanding, but trust in the Lord for He will make our paths straight. 
Maybe He can make my knee straight too! This summer is going to be interesting for sure, but I know that God will get me through it. I hope that through this experience I can learn to lean more on God, and not on my own understanding. It will break your knee if you do....


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