you speak to God, and He speaks through you...

Man God works in some crazy ways. Get this, I was singing in both services yesterday. I was excited too! I was sang "Beautiful the Blood" by Fee. I have been practicing this song for weeks and I just love it and the lyrics!

So there I am at the 8:30 service. Wearing a chior robe 2 sizes too small. Got my "baby G" (my Gibson guitar) all tuned and ready for playing some awesome tuneage. Right before I go up I prayed this simple little prayer, "Hey God, listen this song is about you not me. Let these people hear this song and the meaning of the lyrics. I am just singing and playing, but use me to get the message across to the folks sitting in the pews. Amen!"

I was pumped.

So there I am, "baby G" strapped on. Check. Mic on. Check. Voice clear. Check. Everything was ready to go.

I start to play. I am hitting all the right notes. It is in tune. Everything s moving perfectly. Suddenly, as I hammer my finger down on A string to play the C G string pops! . No big deal. I kept playing. It sounded a little hollow without the G string in there, but I kept on playing. It still sounded good and I got all pumped up again!

As I continue on into the second verse, I hear another pop noise. My D string popped too!

I kept trying to play, but all I heard was the two broken strings clanging together like bells in a church! My face went redder than a tomato. I laughed a little and looked at Scott, our music minister, and he told me to keep going. So I did. I stopped playing the guitar, I tapped it to keep my beat and was playing the chords in my head, and sang the song acapella.
I was SO embarrassed. People in the congregation probably didn't know the difference, but I was still ready to burst of embarassment. As soon as the song finished, I bolted off the chior platform and into the halls of the church. I grabbed a coke zero which is like my crack.
After the service, I couldn't really take it to face everyone as fear of laughter, sheer embarrassment, or whatever other reasons. People came up to me after and said such encouraging things to me. They told me it was a nice recovery and the song came out great. My pastor said that they heard the words more and less distraction of the guitar. I started to really think about this.
I prayed that simple little prayer, and God let the people hear it. He spoke through the lyrics to the people out in the pews. Maybe some were changed by it, maybe none were. All that matter's is Christ spoke through me in song, to the congregation of the church. Through my embarassment, I realized that God was up to something yesterday. He wanted me to just sing to Him and for Him. Not for sounding good or any other reason. The reason was straight up Him. WOW. I am amazed by my amazing Father. I gotta have more trust in God. We used this little rhyme last night for our talk on cantaloupes, "trust is a must. If we don't trust, we're dust!"
Proverbs 3:5-6 (New International Version)
5 Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding;
6 in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.
Have more faith in God. He uses circumstances we expect, but most of the time, God can be unexpected. He can be 2 broken strings on a guitar in order to speak through the silence. God is good.


Penny said...

While I was sitting with the choir, listening to your song, one of the choir members leaned over to me and told me, "He has such a great voice!" Which is true!

Remember--you can never completely control a situation, only your reaction to it. And in this case, you did just the right thing.

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