So I have been struggling with some internal things recently. I have been worried about where I am spiritually and how I have been leading my youth, but God spoke to me through the silence of my small little closet office. I was thinking about a friend of mine who is going through some hard times. This friend shared with me some pains going on in their life and how they feel a distance from God. I have felt the same way at times in my life. After we got of the phone, I went on about my business but I was thinking about this person in the back of my mind. I was hurting for my friend. I opened up this book called A Guide to Prayer for Ministers and Other Servants. I also thought to myself how we try to rationalize what happens in our lives with God. We ask for forgivness and move on like it never happened. I do this not only with God, but others in my life as well. Forgive and forget. This passage out of this book is so awesome. God really spoke to me today through it and I thought, hey why not share it with all 3 people that read my blog anyway? I have this blog in hopes that someone in China or somewhere read it, if they can read English, and get something from it. I hope God speaks to anyone who is reading this, because this excerpt is AWESOME: 
A little Preface-
I went to a Youth Ministers Seminar last Saturday. We learned a lot and one thing that stuck with me was this: Before we read a story, a passage of scripture, or something else; clear your mind. Let all your distractions not distract you. Just sit down, relax and breathe for 30 seconds. I did that before reading this and it changed how I read it. I also wrote it out and that brought it into more light and more meaning for me. God is good all the time, and all the time God is good.

But God is in reality no matter what unreality our practices and our
ponderings imply.He is forever trying to establish communication;
forever aware of the wrong directions we are taking and wishing to
warn us; forever offering solutions for the problems that baffle us;
forever standing at the door of our loneliness, eager to bring us such
comradeship as the most intelligent living mortal could not supply;
forever clinging to our indifference in the hope that someday our
needs, or at least our tragedies will waken us to respond to his
advances. The Real Presence is just that, real and life-transforming.
Nor are the conditions for the manifestation of his splendors out of
the reach of any of us! Here they are; otherness, openness, obedience,
-From The Captivating Presence by Albert Edward Day

Father God,
Why is it that I think I must get somewhere, assume some position, to
be gathered together or separated apart in the quiet of my study to
pray? Why is it that I feel that I have to go somewhere or do some
particular act to find you, reach you, and talk with you? Your
presence is here; In the city- on the busy bus, in the factory, in the
cockpit of an airplane; in the hospital- in the patients rooms, in the
intensive care unit, in the waiting room; in the home- at dinner, in
the bedroom, in the family room at my workbench; in the car- in the
parking lot, at the stop light.
Lord, reveal your presence to me everywhere, and help me become aware
of your presence each moment of the day. May your presence fill the
nonanswers, empty glances, and lonely times in my life.


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