re-culturing discipleship...

"Orthodoxy- or "faithful thinking"- has long been the foothold of theological education. But orthopraxy- the faithful practice of Christian life- has been the way the church has formed disciples for centuries. Discipleship isn't something you learn just by studying it; at some point you have to do it. Arguing whether information or experiences of formation come first is a chicken and egg argument; it really doesn't matter since both are essential to Christian discipleship. Spiritual disciplines, or practices, are simply enacted beliefs; they're embodied orthodoxy. Theological study is simply the unpacking of centuries of Christian life that gave rise to texts and traditions along the way. Orthodoxy and orthopraxy- faithful belief and faithful practice- are the two lungs of Christian discipleship. You can get along breathing only on one lung, but you can't breathe very deep and you don't live as long or as fully when you use both lungs, which is clearly what God intends."

This is an amazing quote. I got chills when I read it in the current book I am reading, A New Kind of Youth Ministry. This quote tells us that we not only need to know our faith, but we must practice it as well. We must use both lungs in order to breathe out the goodness and grace and love of God.
Today, at the ys One Day event, the speaker equipped me with a new passion. I went through training with a friend on how to bring on the Bible to students. How to teach them and help them understand how it can effect their lives. Many of the tools I will utilize from this conference will be great! I will be growing deeper in my knowledge, understanding, and practices of Christ. In order to teach and show God, I must know God. Orthodoxy and orthopraxy.
It would pain me to see seniors not only graduate my group, but graduate God at the same time.


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