long long time ago....

I remember the times of being a kid and walking around and not having a care in the world. It was fun and adventurous! I could be going on a jungle safari through Africa and trying to hunt rare animals while forging the river (or creek in my case), and the next second I could be fighting the enemy while defending the castle for the king.
My life as a child was really interesting. I had a great upbringing. My parents showed me much love, always had clothes on my back, a roof over my head, and the occasional new Ninja Turtles action figure!
I miss those days. I have now become a slave to repetition. I have a general schedule I follow every day! What happened to my imagination? What happened to the times of old? Who says times of old anymore? I miss those days, but lately there has been a fire lit under me. There has been put this passion and desire to just finish.
Today, I walked in to work for another busy day and another great day of Holy Week. To me, it was pretty normal and I was refreshed from a great night's sleep. However, after running some quick errands I was presented an article from the AJC from 2 weeks ago. It was from a former member of this church who says the church has turned into more of a stock holders convention and a "pledge drive". To him, the church has become a place more of business than an actual church caring for the hungry and the needy and taking care of the sick and disenfranchised.
When I read this article, I was LIVID! I was mad! I didn't know how to react.
I was furious! However, when I read on in this article, I don't see a person just bashing the church I am now a member and employee of, I see a person who is hurting. Maybe the church has lost touch with it's basic foundation a little bit. The writers argument was simple. The church worried more about building new things and raising money rather than helping those outside the church walls.
It is a valid point. And it hurt me to read this guys pain. He had been hurt by some actions of some extreme members in the church. My pastor said it best however, the church is just that people. We are not perfect but moving towards perfection. This was a slam dunk comment to me!
We, the church or the people, we try to do our best to show the image of Christ as much as we can to as many people as we can. As I look into my own heart and life now, I see that this is an area that is completely lacking in my life. I have been deemed the spiritual leader for the future of the church and maybe I have not done my full part. I know that God has put this new passion in my heart and to be not afraid of the circumstances! All I have to do is be myself and let God be God. I have always been a numbers person and when I see low numbers I get bummed and beat myself up for it. However, after talking with a good friend of mine, I know and have known that I have to just treat God as God. It is simple!
The person who wrote the article has had some hurt in his life. He says he doesn't attend church much more but talks to God every day. I have seen this in my own personal life with my brother, but he is now a follower of Christ. I can only pray for this person who wrote the article and pray that they find a church fitting for them. But more importantly, I pray this person comes back to the loving God I know and have learned to just let go and trust! He knows what is best for me!
We as the church do not need to be afraid to share the gospel with others. Treat God as if He can do big things, because the surprise is, He can! If we have the faith of a mustard seed, I have a firm belief I can move a mountain!
My mind still has big ideas. It may not be defending the castle or a safari, but I know that it is to tread through a dark world with a light the only God can guide with. Having that light in front of me and following in the footsteps that were walked before me, and with me; I know my God, the creator of the universe, can change even the most callous of hearts. He can do big things around the world, and even change the life of the person in the pew right next to you.


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