a new kind of ministry (part 2)...

Last time I blogged, I talked about reculturing myself to become more Christlike. I mentioned that I must be Christ-like to the sinners of this world. In this post, I am going to blog (used as a verb...wow) about reculturing the way we do discipleship.
For the 3 years I have been in youth ministry, I have learned A LOT. There have been a lot of struggles between me and God sometimes because of the way things were handled, correction: the way I handled things and slapped a God bumper sticker on it to seek the approval of those around me.
I was always taught the mold of youth ministry is simple. We base our mold on Event Evangelism and Friendship (relational) ministry. This means that we plan some big events somewhere in the calender and we speak to the youth on a weekly basis about the truth that we know. We teach them these things all through middle and high school in hopes that after they graduate, they will not "graduate" Jesus as well.
This mold of youth ministry may work with some, but it is very few and far between. The emerging church is changing and we must change the way we do ministry to fit those around us. Students will not grow just by sitting there and retaining information, even if it is truth. We must constantly work towards changing how they view themselves in God. We, as youth workers, must equip the students to be able to answer this question: "What kind of person am I going to be?"
Just sitting there on Sunday's and Wed. nights and speaking about God to students who have heard it their whole lives, is not going to be effective. There are 2 forms of students that leave youth groups today: 1. When the graduate, they see the "Christian faith" as nothing but rules and legalistic way to live life. They do not want to invest their life in something that is just going to constantly judge them. 2.There are the students that see that the Christian faith can have meaning to some, but they don't see where it fits in in the next step of their journey.
These type of people, who sit there and listen and retain information, yet do not do anything about it have static faith. They learn all they need, and this can also confuse students and even us as believers. We can be fooled into thinking that all we need is information and that helps us grow. This is only a half truth. We need inward and outward faith.
We must show what we are learning is really effecting our lives. As a teacher of the faith of Jesus, I must not only teach the students the story of God, but where they are in that story. How can I present the gospel to the students and show them that where they are in the gospel story? I believe it is by living the outward faith which helps us grow our inward faith.
We must not sit on our faith. We must use our faith outside the walls of church, outside the walls of ourselves to show Christ in the dark world.


KP said...

Love it. SO true!

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