work work work...

All to often we get tangled up in the web of our own lives and forget the relationship aspect of our walk with Christ. We work too much, get bogged down with every day life, and just throw Jesus to the back seat.

I just came back from a retreat with my students and it was awesome! We had a great time growing in relationships, working together as a team on the ropes course, and seeing how God works within the group. We also learned about sea turtles...(so I tried to find the Pirates of the Caribbean clip where he talks about sea turtles, but I couldn't.

We talked about getting a glimpse! What it means to be a child of God, what salvation really means, and how to show others what salvation in Jesus is. It was a great reminder for myself also.

I just hope, whoever reads this, remembers that we should be praising God in the good and bad times, and come to Him for E V E R Y T H I N G. That's what a relationship is; communication and love between two people. I pray the students walked away with something new to think about, and I hope you go away from this blog remembering the love Jesus offers us.


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