Off to school. Off to school, going to prove to daddy I am not a fool...

Today was fantastic! I had such a great day at my new job. God really blessed me.
I am still trying to get used to all the transition. The living situation is not bad, but the move from a small to big church is a transition that will take some time. Learning all the new software, all the new people, everything. Needless to say, it is going to be a good transition.
This church is very youth oriented. I think most of the students are excited to meet me and I also think that God is giving me a great vision for this group. I just have to keep seeking God to know it is His direction, and not my own.
I was reading my Bible while eating Cheerio's this morning and I came across a really cool verse.

Psalm 71:15 (New International Version)

15 My mouth will tell of your righteousness,
of your salvation all day long,
though I know not its measure.

These are some pretty sweet words. David talks about God making his enemies confused in the first part of the Psalm. He asks for God to make their minds confused so they may not say bad things about him. A few verses later, David brings up this and says man He came through. You made them confused.
God really does come through with everything; it just takes time. I am looking forward to what God has ready for me at McDonough First United Methodist Church. This is a very exciting place and a very blessed time to be in the will of God.


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