I am a snowbird!

This past week some friends and I took the students to Camp Snowbird, or Snowbird Wilderness Outfitters (that's the official name). Anyway, this camp is the real deal. They have all these awesome things to do; like zip lines, paint ball, rock climbing walls, poopie pole, 64 ft. three man swing, goliath swing...like I said everything. And on top of all that, we also went skiing.

Now I, being the expert skier that I am, never fell once. I was however sick and I did only ski about 6 times down the easy slopes, but I am still one of the best skiers in the world. This video will show you my amazing skills, and remember this was the EASY slope!

OK, so maybe that wasn't me. However, I was almost as good. And when I say almost, I really mean I would look like a rag-doll flying down the mountain if I ever tried anything like that.

The rest of the people that went, students and chaperone's alike, snowboarded. I and 2 others decided to ski! However, we were the ones with the NOT so wet butt's at the end of the day! Maybe a few of them knew how to snowboard a little, however, the rest of them were beginners and needless to say, I wish I had my video camera.

My most, well from what I was told, memorable moment was when Clint decided to try to snowboard. Keep in mind he has never been before. Well he was coming down, didn't know how to stop and took out a ski instructor. How awesome is that! Apparently she acted like she wasn't mad, but you could tell she was. Way to go Clint.

The group had such an awesome time. From watching and listening to Taylor do the 64 ft. 3 man swing, and as he was coming down listening to him scream like a little girl; it was an amazing trip. I have some big changes coming up in my life, but I am glad I got to spend this time with the students. They just kept telling stories about the skiing or snowboarding. They kept talking during small groups. God is really moving in their lives and there is nothing more I could ask for than that!


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