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It is great to have so many friends. The past week I have been able to hang out with some many of them and just have time to sit down and talk with them. It makes me very sad that I will be leaving my second family, my core group of friends behind.

My whole life I was told to surround yourself with good people. I was raised to have a great core group of friends. What I mean by this is have about 4 to 5 people who you can be nothing but honest with and they be honest with you. Those you can depend on no matter what, when or where. My friends are the greatest. They will always be there for me.

I had a very interesting conversation about the people you surround yourself with. There was a guy at the Dadeville McDonald's whom I asked to sit with me. He was by himself and he was about 16 or 17. I asked him about himself and what he does for fun and general questions. We started talking football (in small town, football is the big thing) and he started telling me about his friends he hung around. I asked him what do his friends think about him? What do they do when everyone hangs out? I wasn't trying to pry too much. All I was doing is trying to invest in this students life.

He proceeded to tell me that his friends were bad news. He was a Christian but it was hard for him to act like one. He told me that once he is around his friends, the sheep follows the Shepard and he was a sheep. He did what they did, even though he knew is was deliberately against God. He asked what do you do to get yourself out of these situations? They have been his friends his whole life, and he did not want to leave them behind.

It is interesting. When in a group setting, when we are younger, we tend to take the mentality of that group. We choose to make that decision. It is a unique sense of behavior. When in social settings we sometimes wear a facade to fit in with the group. I told the student about a little thing that we did on the ski retreat. Something simple. I told him that darkness can never overcome the light. I said imagine a pitch black room and you are trying to find your keys and all you have is your cell phone. What are you going to do? Use the cell to find the keys. The cell phone light guides your way to find the keys. It is the same with God.
John 12:46
I have come into the world as a light, so that no one who believes in me should stay in darkness.

The light of the world, Jesus, is inside us. I told him that he can be that light to his friends, just let Christ lead the way!

Evangelism is fun!


KP said...

That's awesome Mark! I like this story :)

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