World Wide Evangelism

I have decided I want to do some mission work. I have prayed hard about it and I feel I need to do some missions somewhere. My God is huge. I read somewhere once, that we need to stop trying to change the world. Jesus already did that. We must be part of the change.

Is that change in Dadeville where I am currently serving as a youth pastor? Or is it in Peru? Or Africa? Or even China? I have no idea. I have this sense of urgency in my heart to be a man of action. To confirm my feelings, this morning I read the great commission! How awesome is that?!

I have had several conversations with friends that tell me they want to do missions as well. There is so much feelings for action. I may even do some inner city missions also. After 2 REALLY LONG DAYS, I have had a lot of time to seek God and the direction in my life He wants me to go.

I am excited to see where the Holy Spirit will lead me.


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