What in the world?

I have been home for about 5 days now and I am really enjoying it. Being home is never better. And to make this moment even cheesier, I heard on the radio "I'll be Home for Christmas". Some of these Christmas songs just get annoying after a while, but then I remember the season and the songs aren't that bad.

I also love seeing my old friends. I got to go to Athens on Wednesday and hang out with Whitney! We had such a good time hanging out and catching up! I cleaned her office desk, which needed it bad!

So it wasn't that bad, but it needed it! I also got to play trivia with my friends, hang out with my brother, and play with Bear!

I have also had a lot of time to think about my life and where I am going and the direction I feel God wants me to go in. There is a wind of change coming in the sails in my life. I am really excited about the next phase of my life.

Being with friends and family is such a recharge! Does anyone else agree? What is it that being home has this feeling of relaxation? When I think about the Lord in my life, I really go on and wonder what He thinks of me. How does Christ view me? Am I doing my best to glorify Him?

I have also had a chance to have some great conversations with a neighbor of mine. We have had talk after talk that has been great! She is very wise and has a great outlook on life and on the world. She told me a really sad story yesterday and it brought her to tears. She told me about someone had hurt her and I felt so sorry for her and I felt a little rage towards the person. It really made me think that no matter how a person is to us, we must show the love of Christ to everyone. If they slap you, turn the other cheek. Christ took a brutal beautiful death for me, and I must show that same love to everyone else, no matter how they treat me.


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