Christmas is that special time of year where we can forget a lot of the world's problems for a few days, focus on our family, go to church, give and receive presents and just have a fantastic time.
I was thinking today, that even though I am blessed to have a great family and to have had such a wonderful Christmas and get some really cool gifts, today almost seemed upside down!
This picture shows an upside down Christmas tree (if you couldn't tell). The person who designed it said it was to fit MORE presents under the tree. What a clever, yet kind of awkward, idea! However, my Christmas has kind of been upside down.
I preparing for a huge step in my life and faith. Things are about to get a little crazy for me, and yet I find myself not focusing as much on Christ as I should be. I just finished Wild Goose Chase and it really opened my mind about how I have been conditioned all these years to think inside the box of God. That is not possible. God is way bigger than any box I can try to put Him in; and the Holy Spirit will just get right back out.
We focus on Jesus being born around this time of year. Though some historians and theologians debate when He was actually born (between June and September), we need to focus on the resurrection. Christ came to this earth to die. I may sound kind of morbid right now, but I don't want to only focus on the birth of Christ. I want to focus on the rebirth into the light. We must pray non-passive prayers from now on. We must find where we are in our spiritual walk and if we are in a cage, we need to wake up.
Christ has redeemed us from our sins and He is risen! He came to this earth to walk among us, to talk to us in the flesh and most important, He came to this earth to die for us!
Romans 5:19 (New International Version)
19For just as through the disobedience of the one man the many were made sinners, so also through the obedience of the one man the many will be made righteous.
Live for Christ and remember not only His birth, but His life and His death on the cross! Christmas doesn't seem so upside down anymore...


Justin said...

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