War Gators!

So, I am sure by now everyone who watches SEC football knows that Florida beat Alabama! It was a tremendous victory for UF and kind of a redemption for Auburn fans as well. It was so much fun watching it and just watching Nick Saban and company lose!

After the game me and some friends went to Toomer's Corner and rolled the corner! We had a few bad apples pass by (Alabama Fans) and one guy yell and lecture us as to why we were rolling Toomer's for the wrong reason! Regardless, it was a fun night! After about 45 mins of yelling, flashing(men only and parts that can be seen by the sun) , and acting a fool we went to Cambridge. What is funny about that? Well we decided to be really cool and hang outside the coffee house. We made a bridge for people to walk under when they came by. We had several partakers! What a great night!


jsamp44 said...

oh yes what a good night!!! but lets go on and point out that it was just the guys joining in with the flashing, and it was all parts of the skin that can be exposed to sunlight!!!

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